Jewish Supremacists Hype al-Jazeera

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, December 4, 2001
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes

December 4, 2001 -- For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is also true in warfare. 

An invading force can plan on meeting opposition.  How much better its for the invading force to control that opposition.

An invading force plans an invasion.  In advance, invaders covertly set up  channels of opposition in the target population.  We can call these channels "designated" opposition, or fake opposition.  When the invasion occurs, the fake opposition is already in place, well-funded and able to reach vast numbers of would-be resisters.

The fake opposition is given publicity by the invaders' propaganda machine.  The would-be resisters listen to the fake opposition, and real opposition is suffocated.  Thus it is with al-Jazeera, the putative Arab resistance all-news 24-hours- a- day TV station.  Al-Jazeera is headquartered in the US puppet state of Qatar, which hosts what is reputed to be the largest American base and arms depot outside the United States.  See Arabic, "Qatar to have largest US miitary warehouse," Qatar-USA, Politics, 11/24/1998

Al-Jazeera was set up in 1996, during the planning stages of this War On Islam.  Al-Jazeera, of course, was the TV station that first showed the fake Osama bin Laden interview in October.

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Does this mean everything broadcast on al-Jazeera and other fake opposition outlets is untrue?  Of course not, for the fake opposition must maintain credibility.  But on one or more essential points, the fake opposition will take a dive.

Bottom Line:  If the Jewish supremacists who run this War On Islam did not want you to know about al Jazeera, the Washington Post would not be running feature stories on it.

Read the latest, "Arab TV's Strong Signal," in the December 4, 2001 STYLE section of the Washington Post.

Strange, the Washington Post has never written a feature article about the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum ... Of course not.   The Jewish supremacists don't want you to know about it.

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