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Religious Fanatics
want America to make war on Iraq

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum


Many skeptics believe the looming war on Iraq is about oil, but there's much more to it than that. Religious fanatics inside the US and Israel believe Israel has a Divine Right to vast tracts of land in the Middle East.  The fanatics call this land "Eretz Yisrael."  It includes Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Sinai.  They say God promised this land to Israel in Numbers 34, Genesis 15:18,  Joshua 13, II Samuel 8:5-6.  For more information on the influence of these fanatics on the U.S. government,  see interview with State Department official Edwin M. Wright at:
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Jerry Falwell and Fundies
want America to make war on Iraq

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9-11 was designed to drive America into war in the Middle East -- war to make Eretz Yisrael a reality. There were no Muslim "suicide" pilots on 9-11 --  Muslims had the most to lose.  The jets were controlled by advanced robotics and remote-control technology.  9-11 was an inside job,  executed with the full cooperation of American traitors in the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).  NORAD is the very organization charged with keeping our skies safe -- the group that should have stopped the planes on 9-11 but did nothing.  Coincidentally, NORAD is one of the world's experts on remote controlled aircraft.

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Learn about plans for a world-wide (pro-Israel) theocratic state.  Either submit to these religious fanatics or die!

Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

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Oh, and yes ... expect another staged "attack" on America to justify war on Iraq

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