Osama bin Surplus

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, October, 2001
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes

October 28, 2001--In a previous article released on October 5, I wrote that the October al-Jazeera video was a fraud, and called the man who appeared in it "Osama bin Fake-it."  See "The Taliban Home Video"  http://www.holocausts.org/911/hvideo.html

Later, I drew attention to an authentic interview with the real Osama bin Laden, published in a Karachi, Pakistan newspaper, the Daily UMMAT, on September 28.  In that interview, bin Laden denied any involvement in the September 11 attacks in the US, and pointed out Islam strictly forbids the killing of women and children, even in the heat of battle. See "Bin Laden: ***AUTHENTIC INTERVIEW***"

Now I have a question for you concerning national leaders and how they present themselves to the public:    

Did Winston Churchill wear a swastika and a Luftwaffe uniform while giving speeches during World War II?  

Did President Kennedy wear a Cuban military uniform and smoke a Cuban cigar when he was addressing the nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis? 

Does Ariel Sharon wear Yassar Arafat headgear (a kaffiyeh) while giving press interviews in Israel?  

Of course not.

We all know that in war time, symbolism is of paramount importance.  No national wartime leader -- Occidental or Oriental, black or white, saintly or wicked, clever or stupid -- would ever be caught wearing the regalia of the enemy.  That being the case, I have another question for you:

Why would Osama bin Laden wear a U.S. Army jacket while making Islamic pronouncements on the Taliban Home Video?  http://www.holocausts.org/911/cammie.gif

Such US Army jackets are commonly available in US Army surplus stores, and look-alikes are sold in mens' wear stores across America.  I wonder where the figure in the al-Jazeera video got his?    

Bin Laden is a fundamentalist Muslim whose very cause is the practice of traditional Islam.  Traditional Muslims wear traditional Muslim attire.  We are told that Osama hates all Western civilization and everything American.  Yet here is a videotaped statement  -- the last that Americans will be allowed to see -- showing "Osama" wearing the garb of his enemy.   

Just as Churchill did not wear a swastika and a Luftwaffe uniform,  Kennedy did not wear a Cuban uniform and smoke a Cuban cigar, and Sharon does not wear Yassar Arafat headgear, so Osama bin Laden would never wear a US Army jacket while addressing a world audience.

The US Army jacket is more evidence that the "Osama bin Laden" in the al-Jazeera video was a stand in, and that the video was a complete hoax.  Someone I know put it this way: 

"All of the big 'coverups,' Waco, OKC, and WTC, and there are others, are so deliberately clumsy and so patently implausible, that it is really inaccurate to call them coverups at all. They are simply opportunities for the American people to bring to life what they watch on TV."  That is, impossible events depicted on American Tee Vee have cultivated a national gullibility.  Impossible events are accepted as every-day occurrences.

And that observation leads to this question:  Who is more stupid?  Those who design the crazy deceptions, or those who are fooled by them?

Carol A. Valentine 
President, Public Action, Inc.
Copyright, October, 2001.  May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

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