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Clinton's WTC Bonus
Slick Willie
Strikes Again

1 October, 2001

A PsyOpNews.com Alert

By Fintan Dunne,
Research Kathy McMahon
coEditors PsyOpNews.com

In the early hours of the morning --just prior to the 11th of September World Trade Center attack, well informed people were literally counting the hours to Bill Clinton's downfall.

"Tick, tick, tick," one Free Republic Forum 'Freeper' had posted as dawn boke over the New York skyline. He was celebrating the long anticipated --now imminent-- handover by Attorney General John Ashcroft, of internal memoranda relating to the conduct by the Justice Department of a raft of scandals from the Clinton era --PardonGate and ChinaGate and more.

Mainstream media were mostly ignoring the importance of this development: it meant the start of a slippery slope of inquiry that would destroy what remained of the Clinton reputation. And probably destroy the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton to boot.

Ashcroft had been subpoenaed to deliver the papers without fail, by the relentless Indiana Republican Dan Burton, chair of the Reform Committee of the House of Congress. Burton had battled not only Ashcroft, but noises from George W. Bush's office that asserted the President surprisingly intended to claim executive privilege to thwart Burton's inquiries.

The handover of the memoranda was set for 5p.m. Tuesday 11th September, 2001.

It never happened.

The World Trade Center attack saw to that.

Justice Department Oversight Hearing Postponed

Washington, D.C. --- The Government Reform Committee s hearing on the U.S. Justice Department s new policy that prevents Congress from viewing deliberative memoranda scheduled for this Thursday, September 13, has been postponed until further notice.
The subpoenaed memoranda included internal Justice Dept. deliberations about the cases of Stephen Flemmi, "Whitey" Bulger, Joseph Barboza, "Jimmy The Bear" Flemmi, Ray Patriarca, Gennaro Angiulo, Theodore J. Sharliss (a.k.a. James Chalmas, "J. R." Russo, John Durham, John Morris, Francis P. Salemme, Robert Daddeico. The Reform comittee was scheduled to hear testimony from Ashcroft himself --only two days later, on the 13th September, 2001. The hearing never happened either. The World Trade Center attack saw to that too.

Now the hearing has been postponed indefinitely and the Reform Committee is instead focussed on 'investigating' our preparedness to fight 'terrorism'.

Somehow, incredibly --by accident, surely not by design-- 'Slick Willie' had DONE IT AGAIN!

That was not Bill Clinton's only slice of luck that day. One unfortunate passenger on the airliner that hit the Pentagon was Barbara Olsen. However, Olsen had finished a book just days before her death.

The book is entitled "The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House". It is Olson's inside-look at the late-night executive orders, eleventh-hour appointments, unseemly gifts, unsavory property deals, and other abuses of the Clinton presidency. It spotlights Clinton's pardons for terrorists, spies and even a smuggler.

Now, Alfred S. Regnery, President and Publisher of Regnery Publishing, has said the publication of the book --originally planned for September 13th, will still go ahead.

Regnery said Olson's family didn't want to hand terrorists a victory. "Her family, friends and colleagues all thought she would be pleased to know that even terrorists could not keep her opinions from being known. In fact, she never would have countenanced the thought that terrorism could still her voice or cancel her work."

Not so lucky for Slick Willie, after all.


Of course, all this had nothing to do with Clinton's 9th May, 2001 meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Clinton went to Wan Chai's Harbor Plaza Hotel, where Jiang was staying at around 10.30am and left an hour and a quarter later. Clinton's spokesman PJ Crowley later declined to comment to UPI on what areas the meeting might have covered.

The slickest Willie loves Hong Kong, And tea with Jiang Zemin,
Inscrutable, they sound the gong, That tolls for Gunga Din.


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