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NFPA Journal Archives

NFPA members can read selected articles from past issues of NFPA Journal by clicking on the links below. (All visitors are welcome to read archived NFPA Journal columns.) Also see our Author Index and Subject Index.

May/June 2002May/June 2002
The Boss:
Outgoing NFPA President George D. Miller leaves behind an impressive legacy as the incoming president, Jim Shannon, leads the organization into the future. More. (Members only, 590 KB*. Not a member?)

Global Design Harmony: The Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China, are two examples of international buildings using NFPA codes and standards. More. (Members only, 224 KB*. Not a member?)

Pyrotechnics: All major amusement parks and family resorts in the United States rely on NFPA standards for pyrotechnics. More. (Members only, 179 KB*. Not a member?)

Looking Back: As recently as the 1990s, NFPA found that sprinklers didn't adequately protect some of the nation's largest high-rise buildings. Fire sprinklers in large office buildings may be common today, but this wasn't always the case. And when fire struck, the result was ruinous. More. (Members only). Not a member?)

March/April 2002
March/April 2002
Permanent Record: NFPA guides business professionals, governments, and property owners in the protection of essential records that are vital to the performance and survival of their vested interests. More. (Members only, PDF*, 431 KB). Not a member?

NFPA 5000 Full-Service Building Code: NFPA 5000, Building Code™, proposes a full-service support package to train, certify, and help users apply the requirements of, and enforce, the code effectively. More. (Members only, PDF*, 811 KB). Not a member?

Wildfires 2001: Early last year, storms delayed the 2001 wildfire season. Despite the delay, the Pacific Northwest was hit hard, making it the region of the United States most severely affected by wildfires last year. More. (Members only, PDF*, 393 KB). Not a member?

Jan/Feb 2002
January/February 2002
Olympic-Sized Fire Protection: Public safety officials consulted NFPA standards when planning fire protection for the Salt Lake City Winter Games. More (Members only, PDF*, 534 KB).

On the Right Track: NFPA 610 provides safety criteria for motorsports venues. More (NFPA members only, PDF*, 955 KB).
WTO and NFPA: NFPA is an international codes and standards-development organization. More (Members only, PDF*, 228 KB).

Nov/Dec 2001
November/December 2001
Collapse Aftermath - Engineering experts to study the World Trade Center events in a search for answers to why the buildings collapsed.
Evacuation - NFPA will revisit previous WTC study with an evacuation behavior follow-up.
Search and Rescue - NFPA standards guide the way officials search for WTC survivors and victims.
Terrorism: Impetus for Change - NFPA examines its role of providing fire service with standards that aid the response to terrorism.
First Responders - The real thing shows the need to refine first-responder preparedness and protective equipment for terrorism attacks.
These five cover stories are available in one PDF file (Members only, 1.4 MB).

Looking Heroes - Among the dead in the World Trade Center collapse were eight members of our NFPA family. More (PDF*, 85 KB) (Members only)
A Day with the Heroic Firefighters of FDNY - Fellow firefighter understands why they placed themselves in harm's way at the World Trade Center inferno.

U.S. Firefighter Injuries of 2000 - Last year, 84,550 firefighters were injured, the lowest number since 1977. (Members only)
Large-Loss Fires of 2000 - The costliest fire of 2000 resulted in a direct property loss of $1 billion (Members only)

Sep/Oct 2001
September/October 2001
Catastrophic Fires of 2000: Last year, 176 people died in 34 multiple-death fires, more than half of which were residential. More (Members only, 389 KB*)
U.S. Fire Loss of 2000: Some 3,420 fires deaths occurred in U.S. homes, 18 percent more than in 1999. More (Members only, 391 KB*)

Safety at Sea: NFPA and the offshore oil industry are helping to resolve dueling federal fire safety standards. More (Members only, 400 KB*)
Preventing Wildfire Meltdown: Aggressive wildfire suppression plan pays off for nuclear lab. More (Members only, 283 KB*)

* Information about PDF files.

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