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Date: Wed Dec 31, 2003  8:06:50  AM US/Pacific
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On Monday, December 29, 2003, at 03:09  PM,  wrote:

>Our pleasure Carol.. Please consider putting a link to 
> as we have provided organizing tools to empower
>people to create local 911 visibility projects, and urging other sites to 
>do the same, and encouraging people to enter their email address at our
>site to get 9-11 Action Updates to lobby the media etc. to give this 
>issue the coverage it deserves.
>Warm regards,
>Bill, and


Just went to your links page:

And, my gracious!  You have not put a link to

Surely Public Action has been THE cutting edge on 911.  Our articles have 
circulated on hundreds of e-mail and web based forums and have been mirrored 
on dozens of web pages. 

Public Action was the first to suggest that:

1.  Remote control technology, not suicidal Muslim hijackers, piloted the 
planes on 9-11. 
2.  The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) -- highly 
accomplished in remote control aircraft, and coincidentally, the very folks 
who should have intercepted the rogue planes on 911 -- most likely inflicted 
the 911 terror.  

These arguments were made using verifiable, publicly available information and 
sound inductive logic.  Moreover,
3.  "The Flight of the Bumble Planes" by Snake Plissken (as told to Public 
Action) has been circulated throughout the world, and is considered the best 
integrated theory concerning 911. 
4.   Public Action offered one of the first non-xenophobic explanations of 
911:  That it was not perpetrated by dark-skinned Arabs, but by Israeli 
agents, both Gentile and Jewish.

What's not to like?  I can't understand how you missed our page!  We must be 
doing something wrong.  But allow me -- right now -- to correct the situation:  
Please include Public Action on your links page.   

We'll be happy to give you folks a link in return.   

Best wishes, and looking forward to fruitful cooperation,

Carol A. Valentine
Public Action Inc.