APFN's Ken Vardon Produces Pathetic Disinformation

January 25, 2000--If you are on the mailing list of the American Patriots Friends Network, you probably have been receiving reams of disinformation about Waco: You know, the usual tripe about the civil suits and the "new revelations," unsupported speculative material on why the feds did it, and endless cover-up press articles hyped as "exposes."

Late in December, 1999, I sent Ken Vardon a copy of "Waco Suits for Waco Suckers."   This piece exposed the fraud of the civil suits and the attendant press hoopla.  You can read it at:


(Make sure you have the hyphen in place: "public-action" and include the last section of the URL; or go to the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum's Burial Gallery and click on "Waco Suits for Waco Suckers.")

Ken did not run the piece.  So I wrote to him.  He asked me to send it again.  I did.  When Ken did still not run it, I wrote again.  And again.  And again.  And again.

As far as I know Ken never sent it out.  Nor have I received any word from Ken on why he did not run it.

Meanwhile, Ken keeps on jamming the usual Waco disinformation down everyone's throat, without any relief.

We all know by now that Waco was a military event from start to finish.  And Ken Vardon is "retired" military.  How do I know?

I went back over my old APFN messages, and found plenty of documentation of Ken's US military background.  He his a disabled Navy man from the (a-hem) "Republic of Nevada."

Ken Vardon was in CRYPTOLOGY.  For those of you who cannot guess, this means Ken Vardon must have held the highest secret clearances.

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Kenneth L. Vardon, Rm1, USN 493-81-68 (Disabled)
American Patriot Friends Network
c/o P.O. Box 15070
Las Vegas, Republic of Nevada [89114]


Now, look at line 7 of this e-mail:

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Kenneth L. Vardon USN RM1 (Teletype & Crypto Repair RMB-SPKEY)
Staff COMNAVAIRPAC Nov. 22, 1963

=== end APFN messages ===

So Ken Vardon is getting paid by the US military to this day (they call it a pension.) You can bet Ken is also receiving a monthly stipend to play his part in the charade of the "patriot movement." Here is a sample of some of the tripe he puts out--this piece took the cake!

=== This forwarded to me ===

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Date: Friday, January 21, 2000 2:39 AM
Subject: The events surrounding the Branch Davidians at Waco

KPOC-TV was the first television station to take an open minded
look at the events surrounding the Branch Davidians at Waco,
Texas. Reporter Kristina King spent twelve months on a fact
finding mission at Waco, Texas to determine if the government
had released all the true facts surrounding the incident. Her
investigation in 1994 produced the first criticism of the
governments explanation of the events.

Kpoc-tv homepage Investigative Reports
Waco, OKC Bombing, Ruby Ridge:

=== End of forwarded message ===

The write-up was ridiculous on its face, so I went to the KPOC webpage (URL above).  I clicked on "Waco Incident."


This is what I found:

=== from wpoc webpage ===

Waco Incident was the first film documentary to bring attention to wrong doing by the government in their efforts to arrest David Koresh at Waco,Texas beginning Feb. 28, 1993 and ending in a blazing fire April 19, 1993.

Kristina King does an excellent job of bringing the real facts to light in this 98 minute documentary. The film aired nationally on September 19, 1995 over 235 television stations. Soon after the airing congress had hearings on the events at Waco. Although some agents were fired others displaced not enough was done. The film was responsible for giving Waco and the Branch Davidians a life of on going investigation.

The documentary has a brief history of the church then starts off with the day of the raid beginning with the helicopters taking off from the Texas State Technical School the video tape is available for $23.00 which includes postage and handling to: KPOC-TV, 114 West Central Ponca City ,Oklahoma 74601

=== end disinformation from wpoc webpage ===

Ken Vardon and David Hall of KPOC would have us believe it was Kristina King's video that shook the country.  KRISTINA KING???  Who she?  :-)

KPOC'S WEBPAGE tells us that Kristina King's documentary aired on September 19,1995 and soon after Congress had hearings on Waco. Well, I got news for ya.  That spectacular Congressional coverup hearing took place in ** JULY 1995, ** a couple of months before Kristina's video allegedly aired.

The 1995 hearings were an effort to quell the protest stirred up by ** Linda Thompson's videos. **  Ken Vardon and David Hall have been around long enough to know this.

The quality of this disinformation is pitiful.  For all the government money we give the spooks, can't they turn up anything better than this?

If you want to read what Ken Vardon doesn't want you to read, go to the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum's Burial Gallery and click on "Waco Suits for Waco Suckers."