Washington Post Plugs Free Republic in More Ways Than One

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by Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action
Copyright, May, 2000
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

May 28, 2000--The Washington Post today plugged the Free Republic, the putative "conservative" news forum on the Net, in more ways than one.

The Post plugged it--promoted it--by actually publishing the Free Republic URL!   And The Post also plugged it--shot it dead--by verifying for us that Free Republic is indeed part of the phony opposition to the controlled media.

Open The Post's Style Section today and look at the leading front page article. You will see this:

"The Man Who Knew Too Much

"What really happened at Waco?  Carlos Ghigliotti thought he had the answer, and now he's dead.  Was he a victim of conspiracy or his own obsession?

"by Richard Leiby
"Washington Post Staff Writer ... "


Read along.  The Free Republic URL appears in the first 337 words in an article over 4,400 words long.   The Post really wanted its readers to see that URL.

"The Internet boiled over with conspiracy theories. 'Carlos Ghigliotti,' stated one typical message, 'was a man who knew too much.' On Web sites like www.freerepublic.com ..."

Perhaps it will not surprise you that, even though the Post article is about "conspiracy theories" concerning the deaths of the Branch Davidians, there is not one mention of the best known Waco webpage on the Internet:


* Alamo-Girl At Your Service *

Had Washington Post readers gone to Free Republic around noon on May 28, as I did, and searched for articles on Waco, they would have found these:

(Contains over 27,000 words)
(Contains over 32,000 words)
(Contains over 16,000 words)

Alamo-Girl, the entity that keeps Free Republic archives, posted these 75,000 words just the day before (May 27), so up they easily surfaced on May 28.  What a coincidence that the very next day the Washington Post publishes the address of the Free Republic webpage.

Alamo-Girl's documents are devoted to theories about "why" Waco happened ...  from "Waco was a game of chicken" to "Waco ? was a Software Related Intelligence Shutdown" and everything betwixt and between.   So the Post readers will have a chance to read plenty of wacky conspiracy theories.

But search Alamo-Girl's 75,000 words.  You will find not a word about the most voluminous, incontrovertible, and damaging evidence against the government ... the evidence that the moms and kids were murdered with malice aforethought and their bodies "laundered" to disguise the real time, cause, and circumstance of death.  Such a summary is nowhere in sight.

Alamo-Girl did reference a few of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum pages, concerning, for example, the deaths of the ATF agents.  So it is theoretically possible that Post readers could eventually come across the evidence concerning the moms and kids.   But with thousands of trees tied with yellow ribbons in the Alamo-Girl's Waco forest, and with no direct URLs whatseover to the forensic evidence on the moms and kids, how likely is that?  The chances are one in 10,000.

* Wacky Ghigliotti Death Theories *

Look at how Leiby uses the dumb "conspiracy theories" about Ghigliotti's death.  Leiby first tells us that Ghigliotti's mother had a bad heart and died at age 42.  Then he goes on to say:

"A Laurel police officer who attended the autopsy let Claire [Ghigliotti's sister]  know that her brother most likely died of natural causes. She figured as much: Carlos had a classic Type A personality. He hadn't taken a vacation since 1989. He internalized stress. He didn't smoke, but he didn't exercise. And he didn't eat right: 'He was a fast-food junkie,' Claire says.

"Maryland's chief medical examiner later confirmed that Ghigliotti suffered a heart attack; he had massive arterial blockage. The coroner performed toxicology tests and found no chemical substances except an over-the-counter flu remedy. "

Then the piece de resistance:

"Nevertheless, on the Internet there continued to be suggestions that Carlos was (a) killed by anthrax, which creates flu-like symptoms, or (b) survives as a government agent--paid off handsomely to allow a pauper's corpse to be planted in his office."

That's right, Leiby's message is those who believe "conspiracy theories" about Waco are wacky.  And he's even given the Free Republic URL to show his readers how right he is.

* Ghigliotti Was No Threat to US *

Carlos Ghigliotti posed no danger to the murderers of the Branch Davidians.  His reported analysis of the FLIR tape is wholly consistent with the FLIR cover-up story.   Look at the portions of The Washington Post story (marked with asterisks):

"Claire has a copy of her brother's preliminary report to Burton, dated March 20. It dissects just one of the FLIR tapes from that day.   *** It counts 70 shots supposedly fired from the weapons of the well-armed Branch Davidians. " *** Then Leiby adds this sentence, in parenthesis:

"(The FBI has always said the Koresh forces blasted away at its agents all morning.)"

Leiby continues:

"Ghigliotti also counted 57 shots 'going into the structure'--gunfire he said clearly came from government positions. *** He presumed the FBI was simply defending itself, as authorized by the rules of engagement. ***  His eyes also saw seven 'unknown subjects' flitting around in the rubble at the back of the collapsed structure near the tanks."

So we see the inlaid booby trap of the FLIR story actually working: The FBI fired on the Davidians in self defense; so even if it could be show the FBI fired at the Davidians on April 19, 1993, the FBI agents would be exonerated.

Now let's go back to the statement Leiby put in parenthesis:  "The FBI has always said the Koresh forces blasted away at its agents all morning." Not so.  The FBI said the Davidians were shooting at tanks.  Does the FBI believe it's own propaganda as presented by Leiby?  Apparently not, for the US never charged the surviving Branch Davidians with attempted murder of FBI agents on April 19.  The 1994 criminal trial of the Branch Davidians concerned itself with the death of ATF agents on February 28, 1993.  So Leiby's statement is an outright lie, and easily bebunked if you know the truth.

* Free Republic Is Designated Opposition *

That Richard Leiby knows about the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum is indisputable.  Several years ago I talked with him at length over the telephone about the problems with "Waco: The Rules of Engagement."   Then last September, another Washington Post reporter, David Finkel, called me.  He wanted to do a "personality" (i.e., character assassination) piece on me for the Post's Style section.  When I told him I was not interested in being the focus of an article but would gladly help him become familiar with the evidence in the Museum, Finkel told me he was not interested in the facts about Waco or the evidence.  Of course I refused to talk to him further, and, after hanging up, I wrote a scathing article about his call and the Washington Post.

One of my readers read the article and got back to me.  He told me that I was treating the Post too harshly, and that the Post had recently treated him very favorably on a controversial matter.  The reporter in that case had been Richard Leiby.  I explained I had already talked to Leiby, but my reader still thought he could help.  He asked for a summary of some of the Museum's salient points.  I wrote a summary and my reader sent it along to Leiby.  Of course I never have heard back from Leiby, nor has an factual information from the Museum ever made it into print in the Washington Post, in Leiby's article or anyone else's.

No, Richard Leiby and the Washington Post don't want their readers knowing about the most voluminous, incontestible, and damaging evidence against the US : the evidence that shows the Davidian moms and kids were murdered with malice aforethought.  That's why the Washington Post sends their readers to the Free Republic.  Washington Post readers won't find the evidence there.

Free Republic is part of the designated opposition.

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