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The Death Gallery is organized into exhibits, each dealing with a definable topicm designed for a sequential tour.  To make a sequential tour as simple as possible, each page provides a link to the next.

    The Death Gallery in a nutshell

  1. Summary of Preliminary Findings
  2. Background: What you need to know to understand what they did

  3. Forensic Experts and the Law
  4. How Pros Manage Mass Disaster Scenes
  5. How Pros Recover Bodies and Solve Murder Mysteries
  6. How Pros Identify Corpses
  7. Cover-ups, Politics, and Forensics
  8. Plausible Denial: What it is, and how the Two Stooges accomplished it

  9. Plausible Denial: Enter Dr. Nizam Peerwani
  10. Plausible Denial: The Texas Rangers
  11. What should a reasonable person conclude when evidence that could topple a government is destroyed under the noses of world-class evidence handlers?

  12. Smithsonian Comes to Waco
  13. Now down to brass tacks: What we are supposed to believe

  14. The Composite Story: "They Died When the Bunker Collapsed …"
  15. Branch Davidian David Thibodeau's Account
  16. Branch Davidian Clive Doyle's Account
  17. The Locals Speak
  18. The evidence speaks

  19. Beware the Causes of Death
  20. A picture counters the testimony of a thousand words

  21. The Collapsed Bunker that Wasn't a Bunker Didn't Collapse
  22. Oops! Texas Ranger spills the beans

  23. Inside the Concrete Room
  24. Tainting the Evidence
  25. What About the Explosion?
  26. How the Stooges collected the bodies

  27. Eeny Meeny Miney—DOE!
  28. NOT Crime Scene Photos
  29. How the bodies of the Branch Davidians were laundered

  30. Incineration
  31. When Did They Die?
  32. Maggots Ring the Alarm Bells
  33. Dismemberment and Agglutination
  34. The ID puzzle

  35. The Death Toll
  36. Identification of the Remains
  37. Who Were Those People, Anyhow?
  38. The shape of things to come?

  39. Argentina Moves to North America

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