Waco: Fresh Salt in the Wound!

by Carol A. Valentine

Talk about an in-your-face insult!  The US government holocausted 80-odd professed Christians in Waco six years ago.  The murderers are still free, and, as far as we know, still on the US payroll.  Not one of them has been indicted.

Yet on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the inferno, what does the US government do?  Why it sponsors a commemorative week for non-US citizens--that is, JEWISH non-US citizens-- who died over 50 years ago during World War II!

It gets worse!

How did I learn of the "Holocaust Week of Remembrance"?  Not from the newspapers.  The US kept it pretty quiet.  I was tipped off when several friends who work for the US told me the entire week of April 11-18 was being set aside to remembering the Jews who died in World War II.

[For a list of the US agencies participating in the organization of the event, see

Then I learned that a special commemorative program was being arranged on April 15,  at the Lincoln Theater, 1215 U Street, N.W.  In Washington, DC, and that public employees were being **paid ** to attend.  I was stunned, and so were a number of others I knew.

We decided to distribute fliers at the April 15  program.  I wrote the text, which is attached at the bottom of this message.   Did I insult or degrade Jews who died during World War II?  See for yourself.

The flier was printed on two sides.  Side One cited the principle of "Equal Justice Under Law" and asked for the indictment of the murderers of the Branch Davidians. Side Two demanded application of *American* principles of free speech and free inquiry to the subject of Jewish deaths during World War II.

Working With Special Operations

Having arranged two Waco protests outside the FBI Building in Washington, DC (1994 and 1995), I know the wisdom of working closely with the DC Metropolitan Police Department and the division that handles demonstrations, the Special Operations division.

There are provocateurs in Washington, DC.  It's their job to cause trouble. In the past, Special Operations have shown me how to prevent trouble.  So I obtained a demonstration/protest permit to make sure Special Operations were fully informed about my plans.

Surveillance and Security on April 15

Some friends of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum offered to help.  We decided that fliers would be distributed by just two people, and  that those people should be non-threatening to even the most timid heart.  The first choice:  a woman who appears to be about 40 years old (yours truly)  :-);  the second choice:  a 13-year old school girl who volunteered to help.

Letting people know they are on record always helps keep order.  So some supporters of the Museum provided a variety of conspicuous and inconspicuous surveillance and security services.

The entire effort was recorded by a conspicuously placed camcorder.  I wore a conspicuous microphone on the lapel of my coat, and carried a tape recorder in a belly pack.  A security detail was present, with a conspicuous cell phone.

The Morning of April 15

Unfortunately, I woke with laryngitis and could scarcely whisper.  So I set off to Washington DC carrying an index card that read: "I have laryngitis."

I arrived at the Lincoln theater at about 11:10 a.m.   At about that time a group of men arrived, who appeared to be organizers.  With the exception of a short brown-skinned man, they all appeared to be Khazar/Jewish. They showed a camera man inside the theater.

Within minutes I spotted the DC Special Operations Officer assigned to cover our flier distribution.  I waved to him and then introduced myself--using pantomime and my "I have laryngitis" card.  He parked across the street.

With the DC Special Operations Officer across the street and my surveillance and security teams in place, my 13 year old helper and I began to hand out fliers to those entering the theater.

Naturally, the flier soon reached the organizers.  I saw a group gathered around the doors of the theater.  I heard one voice say:   "It's the Davidians!" I guessed that person had read Side One of the flier.  Then I heard another voice say;  "It's the revisionists!" I guessed that person had read Side Two of the flier.

After a few minutes the brown-skinned man who had been among the organizers  approached me.

Pack Up Your Bags And Get Out

"I am Detective [name omitted].  I'm here to say pack your bags and get out.  I'm not allowing you to ruin this for these people."   I got his message real fast.

So I motioned the detective across the street to the Special Operations squad car.  We crossed the street together and the Special Operations Officer rolled down the window of his car to talk to us.  Referring to me, the detective told the Special Operations officer that "she has to leave."

Special Operations Officer replied (to paraphrase): "THE HELL SHE DOES!"  This officer obviously had a better grip on the legal foundations of liberty in America than the detective.  He refused the detective's request to have us removed, and we continued to distributed the fliers!

Having failed to deprive us of our First amendment rights, the organizers of the Jewish holocaust program had to go to another plan.  One of them--let's call him "Sheldon"--stood outside the theater, telling those entering:  "That leaflet is not from us.  That is revisionist material."   Revisionist material?  Why describe "Equal Justice Under Law" and freedom of speech and inquiry as "revisionist material"?  Why should Sheldon, on behalf of the Jewish holocaust program, have to disclaim such ideas?

[See Sheldon's portrait] If you have seen him before and know his real name, please drop me a line.

Reaction to Flier

The overwhelming majority of people coming in to the theater were Jewish.  Upon hearing those remarks about revisionist material, many Jewish men  smiled and told Sheldon they were *interested* in reading the material.  One Jewish man, hearing Sheldon's warning about the flier in his hand, turned around and asked for two more copies.

The Jewish women's reaction was different.   One woman caught my eye and slowly ripped the flier. Another woman crumpled it and was about to throw it on the pavement.  I watched her raise her hand.  But then she noticed the WHEM camcorder, stopped, walked over to the rubbish bin, and threw the flier into it.

A bus load of children arrived, and I gave each a flier.  Sheldon spoke to the teacher, and she took the fliers away from the children.

Enter "Morris"

Sheldon was joined by another--let's call this one "Morris." See Morris' portrait.  Sheldon and Morris took turns standing in front of the doors of the theater warning people about the flier.

From time to time, one or the other of them would loudly proclaim that we had SOME NERVE doing what we were doing.    Had I been able to speak, I would have told Sheldon and Morris:  "Don't say 'nerve.'  Say 'chutzpah.'"

A particularly tender moment occurred when Morris, standing in front of the theater doors, screamed at the two pamphleteers:  "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS!  THIS IS A FREE country  . . .  "  The last word, "country," was uttered in a much softer tone.   Morris apparently realized the irony in what he was saying as the word was leaving his mouth.  My 13-year old helper could not help laughing, right then and there.

Sheldon and Morris had a third helper, a man I will call Herb.  Each of them approached me at different times to ask questions and make comments:

"Who are you?"
"You have some NERVE!"
"What is your name?"
"What a NERVE."
"What organization are you with?"
"You have some NERVE!"
"Did you write this crap?  It's disgraceful!"
"You've got a lot of NERVE."

As I mentioned above, I had laryngitis.  Every time one of my torturers harassed me, all I could do was to show my "I have laryngitis" card.  But that only made them madder, especially Sheldon.

"BULLSH_T," he yelled when I showed him the card.  "You can talk."  He then addressed several of his associates.  "She can talk.  This laryngitis thing is bullsh_t.  This WHOLE THING is bullsh_t," Sheldon shouted, indicating the conspicuous members of my team.

At one point after showing Sheldon my laryngitis card, he continued to badger me.  So I simply turned on my heel.  The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum camcorder picked up the image of Sheldon, dumbfounded, staring at the back of my head!

Preferring the Weaker Target

A Jewish woman, approximately 30 years old, came out of the theater and approached the 13-year old school girl who was helping me distribute the leaflets.  This grown woman put her face right the little 13-year old's face and shouted:  "I don't have any cousins.  I don't have any grandparents."  The little girl responded:  "Please speak to that lady," and motioned to me.

The woman continued to thrust her face right into the little girl's and screamed:  "I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO HER.  I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!"

I went over and placed my body between the woman and the little girl.  The woman then turned on me and said:  "HOW DARE YOU PUSH ME."

Then it was Sheldon's turn to shout.  "QUIET!  QUIET!" he said to the woman.  "SHE'S WIRED!   SHE IS TRYING TO GET YOU ON TAPE.  THEY ARE RECORDING  EVERYTHING!" He motioned to the camcorder.  Then the woman rapidly disappeared inside the theater.

Luckily my security man was right there, on his cell phone.  It sure gave me a feeling of --er-- security, even though a potential incident did not eventuate.  Our  camcorder was, of course ,whirring all though the exchange.

Inside the Lincoln Theater

Here is how the service struck one of the US government employees who attended the event:  "The noon gathering of federal workers from around Washington, DC at the Lincoln Theater on U Street NW had the distinct flavor of a religious service.  That owed not a little bit to the manner of the presiding official, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman.  Herman spoke in the inspirational tones of a low-key baptist minister."

In the midst of the program a memorial candle was lit; the main speaker's address was bracketed by doleful songs sung by a tenor in what sounded like Yiddish to this Federal employee; and the program was ended by a call and response sort of prayer known as a kaddish.   All of these factors contributed to the religious atmosphere of the event, wrote this person.

"Most of the audience, it seemed, was Jewish.  There were a few blacks here and there.  Near this writer there was a small concentration of them, most of whom apparently slept through the better part of the program."

To see the full accounting of the program from this employee's eyes, click on:

To see a the glossy, 8 1/2 x 11 inch color programbrochure given at the theater entrance,

By the way, look at the photo of the children behind barbed wire on the front of the brochure.  The Star of David imposed over the photo makes the statement that those children were Jewish.  But now look at the enlargement of the photo.

Do those children look Jewish to you?  They all seem to be of Germanic or Nordic racial stock . . . Sheldon must have overlooked this small detail.

Note the lighting of candles and the recitation of prayer documented on page 3.

Federal Lunch Hour

Just a few more words about the Federal lunch hour.  Federal employees are allowed one HALF hour for lunch.   The event was one hour long.  Transportation to and from would take an estimated 30 minutes to one hour.  The employees would still have to eat lunch--sometime.  Add it all together, you can see that the taxpayer underwrote one and an half to two hours of pay for each federal employee in attendance.


The love of free speech and free assembly runs deeper in the hearts of the people than our enemies would have us believe.  Think of all the bad reports about police throughout the country, and then think of the Special Operations division of the DC Metropolitan Police.  On April 15, Special Operations breathed life into the First Amendment!  They did their job.

And then think about Sheldon and Morris.  They are right.  It takes NERVE to stand up to bullies.  And these bullies are not used to being opposed.

Just a few souls with courage  . . . Had I organized a protest with a dozen picket signs, I would not have had so great an impact.  The days of the mass demonstrations are over.  Lightening strikes by a few courageous souls are the order of the day.

Carol A. Valentine, April 16, 1999

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum Flier, April 15, 1999

The flier was printed on 81/2 x 11 paper,and then  folded in half. These words, printed in big, bold letters, appeared face-up as the leaflets were handed out.

============= Side One, Top Half ==================



As the reader turned the half sheet over this text appeared:

============= Side One, Bottom Half ================

Remember The Holocaust .  . . but which Holocaust?

It's safe enough to remember and talk about something we are told happened 60 years ago, in another country, at the hands of a government that no longer exists.

But what of The Holocaust that occurred in our own country, just six years ago at the hands of our own government?  Is it safe for you to remember, and talk about, the Waco Holocaust?

Not one of the US military and government employees who assaulted, tortured, and  murdered the Branch Davidians has been indicted.   They still walk free.

Etched on the cornice above the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC are these words: Equal Justice Under Law.   The murderers the Branch Davidians should be indicted and prosecuted as are other vicious criminals.   How can you disagree?  "Equal Justice Under Law."  It's the American way.

For more information about America's shame, visit:
The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
============== End Side One, Bottom Half ============
Now read what was printed on Side Two of the 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
========================= Side 2 ========================

The Great Holocaust Irony

Who Is Afraid of Free Speech and Free Inquiry?
In the past decades, a growing number of people throughout the world, from historians to scientists to human rights activists, have publicly questioned the veracity of the classic Holocaust story, to wit:  Hitler and the Third Reich designed and implemented a plan to exterminate the Jews, built gas chambers for the purpose, and six million Jews died as a result.  What has happened to those who freely inquire about the truth of this story, and freely communicate their findings?  Let us look at the stories of just a few:

* Australian historian Frederick Toben was arrested in Germany on April 9th, 1999 on charges of "defaming the dead." How did this charge arise?  During a private discussion with two German officials, Dr.  Toben was asked if he believed in the Holocaust story.  He responded: "Thatís what you say."   Dr.  Toben was then arrested, apparently because his answer implied skepticism.  Dr.  Toben is currently in Mannheim prison in Germany.  For more information:  http://www.adam.com.au/fredadin/adins.html .  Won't you write to the German government and ask that he be released immediately?  For names and address of contacts: http://www.fpp.co.uk/Germany/addresses.html

* Canadian human rights activist and holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel has been charged by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) with spreading hate.  In a shocking ruling, the CHRC said that Mr. Zundel could not use the truth of his statements as a defense!  http://www.webcom.com/~ezundel/english/misc/attention.html and http://www.lebensraum.org/.  (Late news: On April 13, the federal court of Canada quashed the CHRC "truth is no defense" ruling.)

* Best-selling British historian David Irving's writing career has been ruined because publishing houses have submitted to pressure and will no longer publish his books.  He is forbidden to enter a number of countries around the world. Mr.  Irving's crime?  For ten years he researched the  Hitler and German High Command archives and found no documentary evidence of the alleged Nazi extermination plan for the Jews.  Then Mr.  Irving had the intellectual integrity  to publish, and speak about, his research!  Visit Mr.  Irving's website at: http://www.fpp.co.uk/

* In  Switzerland, Jürgen Graf and Gerhard Förster have been punished with fines and prison terms for writing or publishing non-orthodox books concerning the treatment of Jews in WWII. http://ihr.org/jhr/v17/v17n4_Articles.html

* In Germany, Germar Rudolf, a chemist trained at the Max Planck Institute, took samples from the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz to determine cyanide levels.  He concluded that chambers could never have been used in the manner claimed.  Mr.  Rudolf  submitted his report to more than 300 experts for their critique before he published it. Not one of them found the smallest error; nonetheless, as a result of his scientific findings, Germar Rudolf was criminally charged under Germany's repressive "Holocaust-is-a-dogma" law.  He was sentenced to a prison term of 18 months.  The report he wrote has been banned in Germany and ordered destroyed.  Many people connected to its  publication have been punished with jail terms and/or fines.  German Rudolf and his young family live in exile.  http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/debate/014_jam.html and http://vho.org/Authors/Germar_Rudolf.html
* French scholar Robert Faurisson is Europe's leading Holocaust revisionist scholar.   He has been "condemned" three times in both criminal and civil legal proceedings in France, and physically beaten by thugs.  A former tenured professor at the University of Lyons, he now cannot hold a teaching position because of his writings. See: http://ihr.org/books/kulaszka/30faurisson.html

* In Germany, American Carlos W. Porter was sentenced in absentia for publishing truthful but ludicrous excerpts of the Nuremberg Trial transcripts as they were reproduced by the Allies.   Porter wrote to the German court:

"I refuse to be deprived of a basic right which belongs to everyone else in the world as a matter of course: the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  I retract nothing. I regret nothing. I fear nothing . . .  If you fine me, I will not pay it; if you put me in prison, I will go on a hunger strike . . . I defy your authority and I refuse to comply with any order to do anything.  I am not afraid of you; I fear the future if I do nothing. That is all." Visit the website of Carlos W.  Porter at:  http://www.cwporter.co.uk/

===================== End of Side Two ================