Ex-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III as he appeared in The Wall Street Journal on December 6, 2017.  Mueller's past history as the Director of the FBI, the top cop in the shop from 2001 to 2013, was badly stained by his failure to investigate and indict those responsible for killing the Branch Davidians and their children in violation of scores of laws and Constitutional rights.  Mueller's history as an accessory after the fact to mass murder qualifies him for a lifetime of room and board at the Crowbar Hotel.  At Nuremberg, we hung some people for less.

by Carol A. Valentine

July 30, 2001 … The FBI's soon-to-be Director Robert S. Mueller III had a surprise today on the way to his Senate confirmation hearing.  He met the Curator of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum, Carol A. Valentine (this writer). 

The meeting took place at 12:30 p.m, as Mr. Mueller was helping his entourage embark on an elevator on the ground floor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.  (The Senate Judiciary hearing room is on the second floor.) 

"Mr. Mueller?" I asked, smiling. 

"Yes," he said, smiling back. 

"Good luck today, sir," I said.  "Here is something you will want to refer to during the hearing." And I handed him two pieces of paper, stapled together. 

"Thank you,"  Mr. Mueller said, continuing to smile.  He was most pleasant.

Mr. Mueller took the little package.  I watched his eyes travel across the headlines and the pictures on the top sheet.  His expression did not change.  Then he put the paper together with the materials he was holding in his hand and continued to help get his entourage on the elevator. 

Mr. Mueller was among the last to board the elevator.  He looked out and saw me watching from the hallway.  But now his expression was different. 

Yes, it seems that the words of the headlines and the content of the photos had finally registered.   Mr. Mueller was no longer smiling. 

Our eyes met.  I saw terror and, it seemed, hatred in his eyes. 

Can Mueller and Company really believe we have forgotten?  Why should they get bent out of shape when we shove the Waco Holocaust under their noses? 

The stench of the dead still fills our land.

Here is what bent Mr. Mueller out of shape. 


Melissa Morrison Alive  

Left:  Melissa Morrison before her "rescue" by the FBI. 
Right:  Melissa Morrison after her "rescue" by the FBI.   
See: http://www.whem.org


July, 2001-- Congressmen and Senators: You are now pretending to "investigate" the FBI and deliberating on a new FBI director.  You moan about trifles, such as improper travel reimbursements or FBI computer problems.  You pretend to take the story of Robert Hanssen's "treason" seriously.  (The super-sleuths at the FBI could not even figure out what Hanssen, who was broke, did with the $1.4 million.  Get serious.)  Meanwhile, you pretend you don't know about the FBI mass murder and mutilation of Davidian children.  Children such as Melissa Morrison (above) and others.  How do we know the FBI murdered and mutilated these people?  Because the FBI had the motive (HATE), the means, and the opportunity; there is abundant physical and documentary evidence implicating the FBI, and because NO DAVIDIAN HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED WITH THESE  DEATHS. 

What is the chief job requirement for an FBI director?  It is LYING.  A good FBI director must be able to lie with a straight face.  Louis Freeh lied from the day he came into office to the day he left, all the while pretending to be a devout Catholic and regularly receiving the sacrament of confession.  Louis Freeh resigned several weeks after the attached flyer was distributed outside the church he attended, St. Catherine of Siena's in Great Falls, Virginia.  The flyer contains enough information to get your "investigations" of the FBI world-wide headlines.   Will you use it?   Of course not. You will never mention Melissa Morrison or the other children and mothers the FBI murdered at Waco. 

Are you stupid?  No, Senators/Congressmen, you are not stupid.  You are compromised.  You don't dare hold a real investigation on the FBI.  The FBI, a blackmail organization, has too much dirt on you.  Among you, there are too many Chandra Levys, too many ABSCAMs.  You don't dare to speak the truth. 

The evidence of the FBI's hate crimes in Waco has been public knowledge since the Fall of 1996 when the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum made its debut on the World Wide Web.  Millions of people all over the world have studied the evidence therein.  Hundreds of thousands have downloaded the Museum for safekeeping to their personal and corporate computers.  There a dozens of Museum mirror sites.  Keep on pretending to "investigate" while the rest of the world watches.  There is nothing like watching liars shoot themselves in the foot. 

If the Davidian children had been Jewish, would you have permit THEIR murderers to remain on the US payroll?  WE SEE TREASON FOR WHAT IT IS. 

--  Carol A. Valentine, Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum, and a Virginia housewife.  To learn the truth about the cover-up video "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" and the fraudulent Davidian civil suits,  "Waco Suits for Waco Suckers," see the Burial Gallery of the Museum. 

You can read the contents of the second sheet Mr. Mueller received at: