Coroner's recovery diagrams

The autopsy reports, inquest certificates, and other documents and information were sent to the Museum by the office of James C. Collier, Justice of the Peace of McLennan County, Texas.  For an enlarged view, click here.  Other correspondance with the judge's office is available here.

Autopsies and Other Reports of the ATF Dead

These autopsy reports were provided by the office of James C. Collier, Justice of the Peace of McLennan County, Texas.

Four ATF agents were killed by gunshots during the raid on February 28, 1993.  The deadly wounds suggest the ATF agents were killed by precision marksmen.  The wounds did extensive damage to vital organs — wounds that could not have been mitigated in the world's best trauma unit, even if such a unit were on the scene.  Is it likely those wounds were inflicted by Bible students shooting in the heat of combat?

Contemporaneous photographic evidence shows the Davidians did not meet the ATF with "a hail of bullets" during the February 28 assault, as is alleged in the oficial reports.  For a discussion of the identity of the killers, see Who Struck John?

Autopsies and Other Reports of the Davidian Dead

Below is a list of the Davidian casualties arranged by the "Doe" number.  The "Doe" numbers were assigned by the coroner before the remains were identified.  The process of identifying all the remains continued for more than a year; some were never identified.  At some point, McClennan County officials summarized the identifications in an undated document entitled "Waco ID's," and the table below is based on that work.

The Chief Coroner, Dr. Nizam Peerwani, testified at the trial of the surviving Branch Davidians on the methods of recovery, autopsy, and identification (transcript pgs. 5962-66).  In reviewing this material, an analyst may discover a number of anomalies, some of which are discussed in Anomalies in the Forensic Process.  The coroner's recovery diagrams will also be of interest to serious investigators.

Linked to each Doe number is a page with the official death reports for the individual, provided to the Musem by Office of the Justice of the Peace.  In May, 1996, Judge James Collier confirmed by telephone that, since the issue of that matrix, no additional identifications had been established.

Note: Doe 47B and Doe 47C are assigned different identities but the comment seems to indicate they are remains of the same person.

Waco ID's
MC No.
Identified asIdentification
Date of Identification Comments
1 Raymond Friesen Dental 05/06/93
2 Malcolm Livingston Dental 04/28/93
3 Floyd Houtman Dental 05/02/93
4 Scott Sonobe DNA 02/08/94
5 Douglas Martin Dental 05/02/93
6 Mark Wendel Pathology 06/24/93
7 Steve Schneider Dental 05/10/93
8 David Koresh Dental 05/02/93
9 Clifford Sellors DNA 02/08/94
10 Sonia Murray Dental 05/04/93
11 Sherri Jewell DNA 04/14/94
12 Jennifer Andrade Dental 05/17/93
13 Diane ("Daisy") Martin DNA 02/08/94
14 Margarida Vaega DNA 02/08/94
15 Adebowale Davies DNA 04/14/94
16 Vanessa Henry DNA/Dental 02/08/94
17 Sandra Hardial DNA 02/08/94
18 Diana Henry DNA/Dental 02/08/94
19 Theresa Nobrega DNA 02/08/94
20 James Riddle Fingerprint 04/26/93
21 Steven Henry Dental 04/29/93
22 Phillip Henry Dental 05/15/93
23 Susan Benta Dental 05/06/93
24 Allison Monbelly DNA 02/08/94
25 Yvette Fagan Dental 05/11/93
26 Martin child DNA 05/26/93
27 Doris Fagan Anthropology 05/03/93
28 Zilla Henry DNA 02/08/94
29 Beverly Elliott DNA 02/08/94
30 Katherine Andrade Dental 05/03/93
31 Aisha Summers DNA 02/08/94
31B Summers fetus DNA 02/08/94 same as MC #58
31DE Not identified Not on "Waco ID's" list
31F Not identified Not on "Waco ID's" list
32 John McBean DNA 04/14/94
33 Dayland Gent DNA 02/08/94 same as MC #47B
34 Floracita Sonobe Dental 04/26/93
35 Shari Doyle Dental 04/25/93
36 David Jones Dental/Fingerprint 04/25/93
37 Alrick Bennet Dental 05/03/93
38 Rebecca Saipaia Dental 05/06/93
39 Novelette Hipsman Dental 05/11/93
40 Gregory Summers DNA 02/08/94
41 Neil ("Neal") Vaega Dental 05/15/93
42 Pablo Cohen Dental 05/05/93
43 Lisa Marie Ferris Dental 05/02/93
44 Jeffrey Little DNA 02/08/94
45 Mary Jean Borst Dental 05/02/93
46 Bone Unidentified DNA sample not received
47 Nicole Gent/Little DNA 02/08/94
47B Dayland Gent DNA 02/08/94 same as MC #33
47C Gent fetus DNA 02/08/94 Consistent with MC 47B
48 Dog
49 Wayne Martin Dental 05/06/93
50 Martin child
 (two bones)
DNA 08/17/93 same as MC 61
51 Judy Schneider Fingerprint 04/30/93
51A Not identified Not on "Waco ID's" list
52 Joseph Martinez Dental 05/14/93
53 Isaiah Martinez/
DNA 04/14/94
54 Juliet Martinez Dental/Fingerprint 04/28/93
55 Audrey Martinez Dental 05/07/93
56 Abigail Martinez Dental 05/07/93
57 Crystal Martinez/
DNA 04/14/94
58 Summers fetus Anthropology 02/08/94 same as MC #31B
59 Unidentified DNA 08/17/94 No matching DNA profile
60 Unidentified
 (child humerus)
DNA 08/17/94 No matching DNA profile
61 Martin child DNA 05/26/94
62 Chanel Andrade DNA 02/08/94
63 Jones twin DNA 02/08/94
64 Paiges Gent/
 Kara Brittani Little
DNA 02/08/94
65 Unidentified DNA 08/17/94 No matching DNA profile
66 Lorraine Sylvia DNA 02/08/94
67-1 B2 Star Howell DNA 02/08/94
67-2 B4 C4 Cyrus Howell DNA 02/08/94
67-3 B1 Rachael Howell Dental 05/11/93
67-4 B3 Hollywood Sylvia DNA 02/08/94
67-5 A1 Bobbie Howell DNA 04/14/94 same as MC 69
67-6 C2 Rachel Sylvia DNA 02/08/94
67-7 Unidentified DNA sample not received
67-8 Unidentified DNA sample not received
68 No body for MC 68
69 Bobbie Howell DNA 04/14/94 same as MC 67-5 A1
70 Mayannah Schneider DNA 04/14/94
71 Michelle Jones Dental 04/30/94
72 Serenity Sea Jones DNA 08/17/94
73 Jones twin DNA 02/08/94
74 Melissa Morrison DNA 04/14/94
75 Rosemary Morrison DNA 04/14/94
76 Peter Gent Dental 05/06/93
77 Winston Blake Dental 05/05/93
78 Jaydean Wendel Dental 05/05/93
79 Peter Hipsman Dental 05/05/93
80 Perry Jones Dental 05/05/93
81 Michael Schroeder Fingerprints 05/05/93

Below is a scan of the McLennon County document from which the information in the table above was taken. 

The signficance of the handwriting in the first column is not known.

Bone chart and medical glossary available on line.
Anomalies in the Forensic Process may also be helpful.