Chart of Human Bones: Front View

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Note: The terms at right have been retyped from the illustration to aid in locating terms found in the autopsy reports and testimony.  Some terms refer to parts of bones.  An example is "head of humerus."

Also see Chart of Human Bones: Rear View.

Bones of the Head

  • frontal bone
  • mandible
  • maxilla
  • occiptal bone
  • parietal bone
  • temporal bone
  • zygomatic bone

Bones of the Neck and Chest

  • acromion
  • atlas
  • cervical vertebra
  • clavicle
  • false rib
  • floating rib
  • scapula
  • spine of scapula
  • sternum
  • thoracic vertebra
  • vertibral column

Bones of the Abdomen

  • coccyx
  • ilium
  • ischium
  • lumbar vertebra
  • sacrum
  • vertibral column
Bones of the Arm
  • carpus (carpals)
  • epicondyle
  • epitrochlea
  • head of humerus
  • humerus
  • metacarpus (metacarpals)
  • olecranon
  • phalanx (phalanges)
  • radius
  • ulna
Bones of the Leg
  • calcaneus
  • condyle of femur
  • femur
  • fibula
  • head of femur
  • metatarsus (metatarsals)
  • neck of femur
  • patella
  • phalanx (phalanges)
  • talus
  • tarsus (tarsals)
  • tibia
Reproduced from The McMillan Visual Dictionary, McMillan Publishing Company, 1992

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