The Traitors Among Us

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, January, 2002
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January 26 -- If you want to understand what has happened to our beloved country, you will not want to miss this article in today's Washington Post, pg. B11:

"Israel's Evangelical Approach. U.S. Christian Zionists Nurtured as Political, Tourism Force."

I enclose both the URL and the text, below ( Attachment 1).

For further understanding of this vitally important subject, I also enclose the text of article written by C.E. Carlson, "Kulchur Klash." (Attachment 2.)  In particular, read the sections following the words ARE PHARISEES EXTINCT?

Now, a story which puts some flesh on the issue at hand:

The brother of a friend of mine works in the South.  He was discussing US foreign policy with a fellow worker, a retired career Navy man who describes himself as a fundamentalist Christian. The Navy man is a devote of TeeVee preacher Pat Robertson.

My friend's brother was arguing that the US policy towards Israel amounts to treason to the US. During the discussion, the subject of the USS Liberty came up. Believe it or not, this Navy man had never heard of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. My friend's brother referred him to

The next day, the Navy man came into the office and said: "I don't care what Israel did to the USS Liberty.  I put my God ahead of my country."

There it is in a nutshell.  One story--but it superbly illustrates the point.

"Fundamentalist Christians" (sometimes called "Fundies") are, characteristically, Zionist, not Christian.  In practice, they reject the teaching of Jesus in the New Testament: that each of us is equally precious in the eyes of the Lord.  Instead, they live in the world of the Old Testament, where a mean-spirited Jehovah played favorites with his children, giving some (now called "Jews") the OK to commit unspeakable acts of barbarism upon the others ("Gentiles").  Read the Book of Joshua if you don't believe this.

Zionist Fundies will do anything for Israel and "the Jews," whom they worship as God or God's little brother. They are only too happy to be the Jews' slaves, and insist we all join in their bondage. Certainly their beliefs are anti-Christian.

More to the point: Zionist "Christians" are traitors to America.  Along with Jews, they wave the American flag, urging us to spill the blood of any who stand in the way of Israeli ambition. Along with Jews, Zionist Christians scream loudest for Arab blood, even though all rational analysis shouts that Israel and Israeli agents in America were responsible for 9-11.  Along with Jews, Zionist Christians would happily have America spill its own blood to help Israel realize its ambitions.  

In practice, Zionist Christians oppose the Bill of Rights and the American ideal of "equal justice under law." Need evidence of this? Ask your friendly next-door so called "Christian" fundamentalists about the Waco Holocaust. Ask them if they have ever lifted their voice up against what befell the 80-odd goyim in Waco in 1993. Then find out what their attitude is to the death of Jews in WW II or at the hands of Palestinian freedom fighters in contemporary Israel.  

You may be surprised by what you learn.  You may see that only "the Jews" really matter, only "the Jews" qualify as human. Thus these fundamentalists, knowingly or unknowingly, follow the teachings of the Talmud in their anti-American beliefs.  (See quotes in Attachment 3 .)  

Zionist "Christians" operate as Israeli super patriots, never questioning their own loyalties to Israel or weighing them against other principles or values. As the example of the Navy man shows, this loyalty transcends all loyalty to America (or any other native country), and even overt oaths of loyalty. Most astoundingly, few people would see the Navy man's Zionism as the fundamental treason it is, and it is unlikely that his officers would have a problem with it, much less prosecute him for treason.

Take your pick. Do you prefer the Jewish Zionists of the Clinton Administration, or the "Christian" Zionists of the Bush Administration?

More and more, the Zionist Christians and their puppet masters show their vile corruption to the world. Today's Washington Post article is an in-your-face, out-of-the-closet exhibition of these truths. What are we going to do about it?

Endnote: If you know Fundamentalist ministers, theological schools, or organizations who follow the teachings of Jesus and who regard Jews as ordinary humans (no more "special" than the rest of us, in God's eyes), they may object to the above characterization.  Ask them to write to me.  If they are willing to affirm they want the murderers of the goyim at Waco prosecuted, equal rights for Palestinians, and First Amendment protection for those who question the so-called German Holocaust of the Jews, I will attach their letters to this article.  

I don't want to unfairly generalize about anyone.  

(Revised Jan. 29, 2002.)

Israel's Evangelical Approach

By Mark O'Keefe

In an effort to solidify its relationship with American evangelicals, the government of Israel has launched initiatives that include expense-paid trips to the Holy Land and strategy sessions with the Christian Coalition and other conservative groups.

The objectives: to revive Israel's sagging tourism industry and strengthen grass-roots support in the United States. The target audience is the estimated 98 million U.S. evangelicals, but especially a subset of that group, Christian Zionists.

That group believes that Jews are God's chosen people and have a divine deed to their contested land, in accordance with a covenant described in the first book of the Bible.

But Christian Zionism is about more than private belief. Its "anything for Israel" theology has the potential to affect U.S. foreign policy in the same way that the Christian right has influenced domestic issues through political pressure.

"If I felt the administration or anyone in Congress was moving away from support of Israel, believe me, I'd encourage people to pick up the phone and tell their legislators, 'Don't you dare!' " said Janet Parshall, who hosts a weekday syndicated show on evangelical radio stations across the country.

One intriguing question, posed frequently in Israeli government and U.S. evangelical circles, is whether President Bush, who has been outspoken in his evangelical beliefs, privately holds Christian Zionist views.

"It's one of the common explanations [of] . . . why and how Bush is sympathetic to Israel and its cause," said Moshe Fox, minister for public affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. "I haven't had a chance to talk to the president about this, but that view is out there, and it is quite common."

White House spokesman Ken Lisaius would not comment on whether Bush's religious beliefs might affect his actions toward Israel. "The president makes policy decisions based on policy factors," Lisaius said.

It is clear, however, that Israel considers U.S. evangelicals a vital constituency.

"Are we increasing our efforts this year? Yes," said Rami Levi, Israel's New York City-based tourism commissioner for North America.

"But we've been increasing our efforts for many years. What we know is evangelicals are very supportive of Israel. They see all of Israel -- not just our tourism, but our economy, our national interest -- as a love. It's their spiritual belief that that is the way it has to be. We can always rely on them."

The number of visitors to Israel plunged 55 percent in 2001, compared with the previous, record breaking year, according to the Jerusalem Post. The drop is blamed on fear of terrorism and other violence.

In a marketing plan dated last month, TouchPoint Solutions, a Colorado Springs consulting agency hired by Israel's Ministry of Tourism, describes how to reverse that trend by appealing to U.S. evangelicals. Highlights include:

* Persuading the top 30 evangelical Zionists, through face-to-face meetings, to visit and promote Israel. Those named in a separate TouchPoint document, "Who are the Christian Zionists?" include religious broadcaster Jerry Falwell, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson, Texas pastor John Hagee, best-selling author Tim LaHaye and Parshall.

* Sending a letter to the 100,000 largest evangelical churches and a postcard to 350,000 others, directing them to Israel's tourism Web site,

* Conducting "Israel Solidarity Days" in 100 cities, beginning with Colorado Springs, from Feb. 24 to March 1. Publicly, prayer ceremonies will focus on Israel and its biblical importance. Privately, local evangelical leaders -- whether pastors, business people or athletes -- will be urged to make "solidarity trips" to Israel. Some will have their expenses paid by Israel.

"The idea is to sell the sellers," TouchPoint President Butch Maltby said, adding that the multimillion dollar marketing plan has been agreed upon in principle, with certain aspects dependent on funding by the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Maltby described tourism as more than an economic matter. "It's also a political tool. Every person that comes to Israel becomes an ambassador to Israel. Every tourist becomes a public relations person."

The blurring of the lines between piety, politics and public relations was evident at a Jan. 8 meeting at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Two representatives from the Christian Coalition were among 18 evangelical leaders attending.

Each participant received "Why Christians Should Support Israel," by Richard Booker, a Texas-based Christian minister. The booklet quotes Genesis 17:7-8 in its argument that God made an eternal covenant in which he gave "the land in which you are a stranger," modern-day Israel, to Abraham and his descendants.

Jews and Muslims both see Abraham as their patriarch. But Christian Zionists contend that Muslims don't share in the promise of land because they are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and his maidservant, Hagar. Ishmael was not part of the "everlasting covenant" with God and inherited no land.

Jews are seen as the descendants of Isaac, the son of Abraham and his wife, Sarah. Isaac did inherit property. So only Jews are regarded as holding a rightful claim to the land that has been a source of international conflict since Israel became a state in 1948, Christian Zionists say.

The embassy called the gathering the first "American-Christian grass-roots networks briefing and strategy discussion." Plans call for similar discussions monthly.

During the meeting, Shari Dollinger, the embassy's officer for interreligious affairs, led a discussion of how Christian college students could lead pro-Israel events on campus. She said she also sees Israel reaching out more than ever in the United States.

"There's a new realization that we can activate the Christian grass roots," she said.

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 19:42:32 -0600 (CST)
Subject: PHARISEE WATCH: Kulchur Klash 2002

Part 1. The Church ( ) By C. E. Carlson (archived, cached)

INTRODUCTION: A church service or Sunday morning TV evangelist sermon is usually not complete without words to the effect that "our society is crumbling." I heard these exact words preached only last Sunday. One who mulls this over might ask the question, how can a Christian country like ours have a crumbing society. Ought this not be an oxymoron?

Most other nations have long viewed America as one of the world's most Christian nations. This is probably correct in the sense that an overwhelming percentage of Americans classify ourselves as "Christians" in the census and public opinion polls, and if judging by the number of churches and church attendance. Politicians for major office with rare exception mirror this preference by making it known that they too like to be thought of as "Christians." Based on these measures of Christianity in America, we should be doing fine as a culture,.or else Christianity must not be what it claims to be, a societal success by virtue of its acts.

A third possibility (the true one) is that our society appears to one of Christ followers but is not; the abundance of churches, the enormous TV Christian budgets, and even the attendance itself are signs not of holiness but of affluence and boredom. If this is true, then the pastor at the pulpit may be right, our society may indeed be crumbling.

A hallmark of Christ's teachings are a call to love all men, not simply those one agrees with, and to seek peace with that love even at a cost -- even to place peace before affluence. Any who deny this deny most of what Christ said. That includes those who claim to follow Him from the lofty heights of federal government and the cockpits of war machines. Those who call themselves by Christ's name, yet doubt what you have just read, are invited to read the book of Matthew, especially the 5th chapter, before reading one more line of this essay. The Bible, Genesis Network:

In spite of our leaders professions and oft-stated suggestions in word and innuendo, our government is now undeniably engaged in almost continuous aggressive violence which have lately become referred to as undeclared "wars." Few reasonable persons will deny that the result is and will be accelerating dollar costs (inflation) at home and death and destruction to others delicately referred to as "collateral damage." Nonetheless, dozens of statements from many popular Christian leaders indicate that they support, virtually without objection, the administration's stated plan to continue the Afghanistan war into dozens of other countries. To this end, Secretary of State Dick Cheney, has stated as many as 50 countries may be involved. Few pastors or TV evangelists have objected.

An observer from outer space might well ask, "If America is indeed a Christian nation, then doesn't this make Christianity a religion of crusades and wars?" If Christianity is not a religion of war, what are popular American Christians doing to prevent and ameliorate the serial wars damage to less fortunate persons who are clearly victims of the American unmatched and unlimited destructive power, and what about the psychological damage to those asked to push the buttons on mass assassination? The answer is, far from helping, most professing Christian leaders are throwing gas on the fire. We must first ask, who within the ranks of those who call themselves Christians are responsible for promoting war, and why do they do it?

The Biblical and secular accounts of Jesus arrest, persecution, trial and execution attest to the power of the Pharisee sect today now know as Judaism. It is noted here that Jerusalem was completely destroyed by war in 70 AD when Palestine, as the Romans called it, was under Pharisaic religious influence if not political control. This occurred less then 35 years after Christ predicted its destruction in the 19th Chapter of Luke. In this Part I. we examine, as Jesus Christ did, the historic religious leaders who called themselves "Pharisees." Jesus had much to say about this sect that virtually controlled spiritual and political life in Judea, collected tributes, and even manipulated the leaders of the occupying Roman Legion.

PART I: ARE PHARISEES EXTINCT ? The Pharisees Jesus denounced have not gone away, but have established an even more formidable control mechanism in our society than ever existed in Christ's mortal lifetime. Some are Christian Pharisees and some are Jewish. First, let us define them. The noun "Pharisee" occurs, according to Strongs' Concordance, 78 times in the New Testament, much more frequently than "Satan." Yet usage of the word has been largely eliminated from teaching in many Bibles studies, the pulpits of America's churches, professing Christian media and even seminaries. Who were and who are the Pharisees, and is there a logical reason why we rarely hear about them today?

WEBSTER DEFINES PHARISEE: "One of the members of a school or party among the ancient Jews noted for the strict formal observance of the rites and validity of traditions of the elders." Further on: " Pharisee interpretation provided the standard of observation and belief for the great majority of the Jews from the 1st Century A.D." Pharisaic: "Hypocritical, self righteous and censorious of others" -- Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition, 1950.

Webster's all but forgotten definition is an accurate one. Pharisees are in conflict with Jesus whenever they met. Followers of Christ confronted the Pharisees repeatedly. It was a "Jewish" sect that followed the "traditions of the elders" as Webster stated and as Jesus also said. These traditions are now know as the "Talmud." But what the 1950 dictionary did not recognize is that Pharisaism was even then no longer exclusive Jewish, as it once may have been, for Pharisaic influence long before the 1950s could probably have been found in every denomination in America, busily reshaping Christianity into the Pharisaic image. It was then and has become both a Judeo and a Christian sect.

All mention of the Pharisaism occurs in the New Testament where its formed the center of conflict around Jesus, His disciples, and His followers. As Jesus predicted many were stalked, scourged and killed by the Pharisees. In addition to the 78 verses in which Pharisee are mentioned by name, pronouns including "you" point to Pharisees in many additional verses. The Pharisees are the object of Jesus' debate and denunciation in entire chapters in Matthew, Luke and John as well as the writings of Paul who claimed he once had been a Pharisee, having killed Christians. These many references provide an undeniable accounts of the ongoing conflict and plot against Jesus' life for all who read. The noun Pharisee occurs about three times more often than the infamous name of Judas, 30 times more than Satan and 50 more times than the name of Pontius Pilot. It is, without a doubt, the most denounced noun in the New Testament. It is the only name that Jesus constantly associated with the Satan.

Jesus followers feared the political power of the Pharisees more than the Romans. Yet the word Pharisee is pointedly ignored by most Christian leaders and all but forgotten in modern evangelical Christendom and the ranks of the celebrity media broadcasters. "Pharisee" may also be the most avoided word found in the Bible. Some pastors and most televangelists are capable of preaching the year through without ever mentioning Pharisee, except in passing by on the way to some other point. Pharisees are wrongly treated as an extinct and irrelevant species.

Organized Bible study courses rarely mention whom the Pharisees were, why Jesus pronounced upon them so harshly and never treat the Pharisee as an anti-Christ type to watch out for in our day. Celebrity Christians on national TV never suggest that the Pharisee's war on Jesus has anything at all to do with His followers, or that the sect may have survived to this day.

CENSORSHIP IN THE CHURCH The word Pharisee has not yet been removed from any Bibles we know of, but most Bible commentaries and concordances avoid any serious treatment of how they operate to control civil government, and who their successors are today. For instance, the concordance in the new Thompson Study Bible, a very popular one that is supposedly designed to help readers understand the scriptures, has all but eliminated any mention of this sect. Amazingly, Thompson new edition concordance lists only one of the 78 sites, yet its previous 1962 edition listed four. Pray tell, what happened to the other three verses it previously recognized, not to mention 74 never cited at all, The four references cited are atypically favorable having to do with Paul's own Pharisaic history. It appears the publisher is whitewashing the word and deleting "Pharisee" from its readers' vocabularies. This is unthinkable because Jesus denounced the Pharisees, the most powerful and destructive faction of anti-Christianity calling them a "generation of vipers" and "sons of Satan." But most study Bibles and Bible courses omit all but casual mention of Pharisees. Curiously, the much-maligned paraphrase Living Bible Concordance contains the key sites found in Strongs, and is well worth reading.

TODAYS PHARISEES Let us examine what has become of the Pharisees in our modern society and how they continue to attempt to control our lives. The New Testament tells us they controlled Judea at the time of Jesus' mission. Pharisees, both Christian professing and Jewish, control Palestine again today with unimaginable brutality. Needless to say, we do not think Pharisees have gone away; else they would not be tampering with our beliefs. Nor did Webster think they had gone away, as he says in his 1950 definition that Pharisaism became modern Judaism.

The venerable traditionally Christian Webster is not the only one to say this? Proper definitions are taken from correct and proper usage of that less censored age. Many Rabbis have proudly provided the rabbinical sources for Webster's definition. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, 1943, state: "The Jewish Religion as it is today traces it descent without a break from the Pharisees- their ideas and methods are found in the Talmud." And Rabbi Louis Finklestein, head of the Jewish Theological Seminary, stated in his book "History of the Jews" 1949,"Pharisaism became talmudist...the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survived unaltered ...therefore any discourse regarding the Jewish religion must be based on Talmudism." Jewish leaders were in the 1950s obviously were proud of their claim to be Pharisees.

This is not to suggest that this all Jews to be Pharisees any more than all Pharisees are Jews. But Pharisees dominated religious thinking in Jesus time and have far too much to say about what the leaders of our government do. Much worse they have established influencing over what Christians think. Pharisaic Judaism attempted but failed to censor Christian thought in the first century; today they are succeeding. This is indeed a sad reflection on popular Christian leadership.

THE PHARISEE BIBLE The Pharisees of today have moved heaven and earth to discourage thousands of pastors and televangelists from teaching what Jesus said so clearly. The godfather of the Biblical censors is the powerfully promoted Scofield study Bible, first printed in England in 1908, but sold in America. Scofield's Study Bible is a traditional, difficult to read, King James version, doctored with hundred of easy to read added notes and inserted descriptive chapter and verse headings. Most of the notes are about the "rapture" the "end times" and the return of the ancient tribe of Israelites to the Holy land. But there are no meaningful notes about Pharisaism.

The latest, much changed edition of Scofield Study Bible was printed in 1962 and boldly elevated "anti Semitism" to the status of a "sin" a sort of 11th Commandment it would seem. Each of the four successive editions, beginning in 1908, have further advanced the claims of the self-proclaimed Jews to the real estate known today as the State of Israel, a nation which did not even exist when its first three edition were published. The latest, 1962 Edition goes so far as to contains a note stating that "FOR A NATION TO COMMIT THE SIN OF ANTI-SEMITISM BRINGS INEVITABLE JUDGMENT" (page 20) But it contains hardly a note interpreting any of the hundreds of verses Jesus spoke in his daily conflict with the Pharisees and their plot for his death. Scofield ignores all were giving the reader the impression these are of little consequence, and since the King James version is slow reading at best, readers tend to rely on the notes. Most study Bibles we have seen, including the Thompson,! follow Scofield's Pharisee friendly example. These footnotes of men are a corrupt the Bible of God, as it stated in its last book.

The first of the 78 mentions of Pharisees occurs in Matthew 3:7-8 when they appear in numbers at the Jordan River where John the Baptist was proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. John's firm and condemnatory words spoken to them were: "But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits meat for repentance." John the Baptist went on to rebuke their claim to holiness, refuting their claim of being chosen people by descent from Abraham stating: "and think not to say within yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father;' for I say unto you that God is able to raise up from these stones children unto Abraham." So much for the chosen people. (King James Version)

One early exchange between Christ and the Pharisees occurred in Matthew 12 where Jesus called them: "An evil and adulterous generation" in a powerful exchange that fills most of the chapter12, and most of the long chapter of Matthew 23 is Jesus' condemnation of the Pharisees, a small part of which states: "Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city." (Mt. 23:31-34)

PROMOTERS OF ISRAELI PHARISAISM Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jack Van Empe and dozens more like them have made careers by promoting Israel as a political state and a chosen race. Thousands of local church leaders are following this example. Many of these self-professed Christian leaders are the Pharisees of today, achieving fame and influence by pleasing the media secular Zionist media powers.

Pharisees were once exclusively Judean, "Jews" in the vernacular of our day. Many contend that Israeli Patriots assert more control over America's political parties, news media and the banking system than is healthy for a Christian society. This should be obvious to anyone who will look at the media; then read the Bible references to Pharisaism. But it is largely from within that the vitality of Christianity in being diluted, not from outside. The control of media may be a "Jewish" problem, but the perversion of Christianity is not. Many professing Christians at all levels of leadership have abandon their Bible given responsibility in exchange for the footnotes written by men. These are the Pharisees of today. Part II will deal with how Christian leaders have allowed themselves to become Pharisees, supporting untold government brutality, cruelty, and waste while claiming Christ's name. End

Suggested background reading: "The Body Snatchers' Report On Planet Earth" our cultural problem, as viewed by and intelligent visitor from space ( ) by Eric Blair (archived, cached)

"SHERRY'S WAR" Why many professing Christians support war against Islam, political repression and torture by Israel without considering that these are unchristian acts. Hard copy 20 pages, reference, available free to all contributors, bulk copies 10 for $30.00 delivered in USA, for overseas rates or larger quantities please inquire. ( ) by Andrew Hurley (archived, cached)

The Bible, Genesis Network: ( ).  We suggest every skeptical reader look up and read each of the 78 references to Pharisee.

WHTT ACT-TANK RECOMMENDATION: If you agree with us, help us give every follower an opportunity to read this Pharisee Watch, and ask your own pastor to preach and teach on what Jesus said about Pharisees. We Hold These Truths ( ) 4839 E. Greenway Road, #151 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480 947 3329

Talmud Quotes

In fact Jews (Talmudists) regard goyim as a lower life form, as sub-human. According to the Talmud, non-Jews can be slaughtered like cattle.

  • The intent to kill a non-Jew is so laudable that even if a Jew is accidently killed in an attempt to kill a non-Jew, the murderous Jew suffers no liability.
    (Babylonian Talmud, Soncino Edition, London, 1935. Sanhedrin 78b-79a.)
  • But if a Jew intends to kill another Jew and does so, he is liable.
    (Sanhedrin 78b-79a.)
  • If a Jew murders a Gentile, the Jew suffers no death penalty.
    (Sanhedrin 57a.)
  • If a Gentile strikes a Jew in the jaw, the Gentile, having stricken the "Divine Presence" (that is, a Jew) suffers the death penalty.
    (Sanhedrin 58b).

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