Pentagon Cadavers Meet
The "Bone Guys"

by Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action, Inc.
Copyright, June, 2002
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes

"When remains of the Waco dead or 9/11 Pentagon victims or Desert Storm casualties -- or most recently Chandra Levy -- need to be studied, the bone guys at the Smithsonian are called in . . . "

-- "Skeleton Keys,"  Washington Post  May 31, 2002, pg. C1.
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June 20, 2002 -- Read the feature article cited above.   It tells the story of those amazing forensic anthropologists at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural History, whom the Post dubs as "bone guys."  The article mentions three, but I want to focus on just two:  Drs. Douglas Owsley and Douglas Ubelaker. 

Ubelaker's and Owsley's specialty seems to be making politically dictated statements about high profile deaths; that involves covering up murders committed by the US government, of course.  Nasty work, but someone's got to do it. 

Now they've been called in to work on the Pentagon cadavers, but Owsley and Ubelaker were the two "bone guys" who helped the FBI cover up the murder/mutilation deaths of the Branch Davidians.  So when the cover-up gang is called in for the Pentagon job, that raises my eyebrows.  Why?  Let me tell you a little about what these two "bone guys" did at Waco.

Many of the Davidian moms and kids were killed prior to the FBI fake rescue on April 19, 1993.  They were (1) killed on February 28 raid, or (2) died later from wounds suffered that day, or (3) were slaughtered shortly before the "rescue" of April 19.

A local incompetent, Nizam Peerwani, medical examiner of Tarrant County, was ostensibly put in charge of the autopsy work.  Owsley and Ubelaker were sent down to Waco to lend credibility to the local effort.

As forensic anthropologists, Ubelaker and Owsley should have personally recovered the Davidian remains from the Mt. Carmel Center themselves, as they lay in situ (at the site).  Who says they should have done it that way?  Dr. Ubelaker says, that's who.  Ubelaker is a renowned expert who has written a popular book about forensic science, "Bones, A Forensic Detective's Casebook" (Edward Burlingame Books, 1992).  Read it, and you will  learn that, at Waco, Owsley and Ubelaker freely violated the professional standards described in Ubelaker's book. 

So instead of Ubelaker and Owsley studying the remains in situ, the state cops just shoveled the discombobulated skulls, torsos, fetuses, detached kids' feet in sneakers, etc., into bags and hauled the whole mess into the mortuary, where Owsley and Ubelaker sat waiting.  Owsley and Ubelaker sorted the bones as they tumbled out of the bags, and tried to figure things out.


Murderers often try to destroy evidence of their crime, of course.  Destruction of the body can obscure the circumstances surrounding the victim's death, and even the victim's identity.  The bodies found at the Mt. Carmel Center after the fire were variously hacked up, decapitated, and/or selectively incinerated.  The condition of the bodies should have sent Ubelaker and Owsley down the morgue hallways screaming "MURDER!  MURDER!"  But shhhh, no, they never uttered a word. 

Ubelaker and Owsley  preserved deniability by keeping well away from the crime scene. 
"Geez-all-we-wuz-asked-to-do-was-sort-the-bones-out-in-the-morgue," type-thing.  

Fraudulent autopsy reports were written. Owsley and Ubelaker put their names on them, stating they had done the forensic anthropology examinations. Voila!  Or maybe not . . .

One of the reasons dreamed up to explain the deaths of the moms and kids was this:   They died as a result of crushing injuries suffered when a concrete room collapsed.  The problem? Widely published photos in newsmagazines and newspapers, taken from the ground and the air, show that the concrete room did not collapse.

And both Owsley and Ubelaker had their names right there, right on the fraudulent reports citing "structural collapse" as the cause of death.   For discussion of some Ubelaker-Owsley autopsy reports, see:

For an summary of how the death scene was altered:

The forensic evidence described in the autopsy reports and other data suggests that some of the remains at the Mt. Carmel Center of were NOT those of Branch Davidians, and that the bodies/body parts were trucked in from other bone yards (government mortuaries) and placed at the site.  This is indicated by the fact that some of the ages and sexes of the bodies did not match the ages and sexes of those on the casualty list. 

Other anomalies:  There were not enough bodies/body parts to account for the 80-odd Davidian victims.  In fact, some of the identities on the Branch Davidian casualty list were not assigned any body parts at all.  Later, the bodies of those alleged victims were said to have "vaporized." There were also body parts that were never identified -- no one knows who those people may have been.

With the prestige of the Smithsonian Institution and their professional reputations, Owsley and Ubelaker supported other lies, too, beside the "structural collapse" lie.  If you want the details, go to: and put "Owsley" and "Ubelaker" into the search engine. 

In particular, Owsley covered up the murders of these children: For details, see "Waco Meets The Kennewick Man (And Dr. Owsley Sorted The Bones, Oh!)" at:

With the track records of Drs. Douglas Ubelaker and Owsley, how much trust would you put in their words on the Pentagon victims?  They will say whatever the government wants them to say.

But why were the "bone guys" called in for the Pentagon victims?  The Washington Post article does not mention that.   Supposedly, a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, a fire broke out, the building collapsed, and the victims died on impact or in the fire.  On September 11, Donald Rumsfeld declared all the missing persons to be dead, without having seen one body. 

The identity of each victim was known.  Cause of death, date of death, circumstances of death -- all were established.  The FBI has a DNA lab. What mysteries required the services of the Smithsonian "bone guys"?

Ah!  When you check out the history of Owsley and Ubelaker, the lights come on! The bone guys use the magic of their prestige to turn a wish into a fact.  Want a headless corpse to have died of suffocation?  You got it.  Want a political assassination in Toledo to look like a fire victim at the Pentagon?  You got it.   Want an autopsy report that no other medical examiner in the world would question?  You got it.   Just ask the Smithsonian "bone guys" to sign off on whatever autopsy report you wish to write, and politics becomes scientific fact.

P.S.  How do we know that the Davidians did not murder each other?   Well, the government has not bothered to make that case.  No Davidians have been charged with the murders of other Davidians.

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