Mike Rivero, Israeli Spies,
And 9-11 Diversions

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, March, 2002
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes


March 21, 2002
-- On March 14, I wrote to Mike Rivero (Show and Tell, Mike Rivero), the webmaster of < http://www.whatreallyhappened.com > a second time, asking him to furnish me with the evidence he said he had. 


What evidence?  Well, back in January this year, I made a claim that the Operation Northwoods documents used by James Bamford in "Body of Secrets" were counterfeits.  As you may recall, Northwoods was a nefarious plan allegedly hatched by the Pentagon in 1962 to fabricate incidents to justify war with Cuba.  One such plan included shooting down a bogus US passenger jet -- filled with fictitious vacationing Americans -- by a bogus Cuban military jet.  You can see what I said in January here:


and you can download the Operation Northwoods documentation Bamford used -- the documentation I call counterfeit -- at the George Washington University's National Archive website.
or view it here:

Back in January Rivero wrote to me, claiming that I was wrong about the Northwoods documents being counterfeit.  They were genuine, and besides, Northwoods was confirmed by "other sources," he said.  I immediately asked Rivero to cite those sources, but he never did do that.  That brings us to my second  request of March 14.


As you can see, on March 14 I reminded Rivero to send me his cites to the "other sources;" I used 452 words making that request.   In a brief post script (85 words), I had a public laugh at the bogus-looking piece of wreckage that Rivero claims came from the Boeing 757 that (allegedly) crashed into the Pentagon. 


Here is Mr. Rivero's reply to my March 14 letter. 

==== Mike Rivero's response ====

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> I broke out laughing when I first saw it!  It's a tickle.  Looks as
> if it's hundreds of feet from the crash site -- and not one scar or
> indentation on the lawn.  Looks like the "wreckage" was placed there,
> very, very carefully.  The shadowing's good, though.

Anything to distract from the spy scandal, eh?


==== End Mike Rivero's response ====

Allow me to make three points:

Rivero Fails To Produce His Evidence

Notice that Rivero, in responding (above), cut out the entire body of my March 14 letter to him, the 452 words I used to ask him to show me his Northwoods evidence.  Not only did he ignore my request, he deleted it.  So he wouldn't  -- or couldn't -- show his evidence.   

I don't know what your standards are for judging the truthfulness of a person, but Rivero has just failed mine.  I think Rivero is lying about his "other sources." I don't think he has any other sources -- other than the documents Bamford cited -- that show Operation Northwoods is the genuine article. 

However, notice that in his response, Rivero allowed my 85 word post script -- in which I poked fun of his silly wreckage -- to stand.

Rivero's Spy Story Rings Hollow

Because I challenged the authenticity of the bogus-looking Boeing 757 wreckage, Rivero infers I am distracting attention from the Israeli spy scandal  ("Anything to distract from the spy scandal, eh?")  It seems Rivero's readers can handle only one story at a time, and the spy scandal is IT, for now.  How long will it take for Mike to permit his readers their next story?


Folks, the famous spy story that Rivero and the establishment press are ballyhooing is hardly a news story.  "Israel" OWNS this country.  Israel -- Zionists -- own our Congress, our White House, our newspapers, our TV networks . . .   Things are so far gone that the US government even holds Jewish religious services at which Jewish prayers are said; the US government pays US government employees to attend those services.


Here is another recent, graphic example:  Wall Street Journal employee Daniel Pearl was an Israeli citizen.  When he was kidnapped, his parents, who are "Americans" living here in the US, asked the American press to keep Pearl's Israeli citizenship a secret.  The American press complied. 

It was the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, that broke the news.  (See Mark Bruzonsky's  "PEARL WAS ISRAELI CITIZEN," February 23, 2002.  Bruzonsky cites Ha'aretz.  <MER@MiddleEast.Org>
<http://www.MiddleEast.Org />.   Here is the Ha'aretz URL for "Pearl's father: 'Israeli connection' could hinder investigation,'" March 19, 2002:

In other words, there is more "Jewish" control of the press here in America than in Israel.  Get the picture?  This country, not Israel, is the center of the Judaic Empire.  And we're supposed to be amazed at the "news" that Israel spies on us?

The current big news splash seems to be the arrests of Israelis, allegedly made by the FBI.  Fox News broke the story.

As to the FBI:   Most of us still remember that the FBI was one of the organizations under whose auspices the Waco Holocaust occurred.  To this date, the FBI is still covering up its mass murder.   


How much chance is there that the FBI has suddenly metamorphosed from an organization of liars,   torturers, and child murderers into an organization run by good-guy patriots?  No chance whatsoever.  Yet Rivero buys their "good faith" arrests without question.  

As to Fox News:  Fox is owned by the Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which has assets of approximately $50 billion US.   http://www.newscorp.com/ .  Murdoch is arguably the world's most powerful Zionist media impresario.  He has invested heavily in Israel and he co-chaired the 2001America-Israel Friendship League black tie dinner, at which Ariel Sharon spoke.  See "Corporate America stands by Israel," Jerusalem Post, June 27, 2001.

What chance is there that Rupert Murdoch would do anything to harm the cause of Zionism?  No chance whatsoever.  Yet Rivero buys Fox's "good faith" Israeli spy news coverage without question.  

Now, as to the philosophy of the Fox/News Corporation:  A few years ago, one of Rupert Murdoch's TV stations in Florida was involved in a dispute with the Monsanto Corporation.  Two reporters at the local station, WTVT, had written a Monsanto expose.  When Monsato complained to Fox, the story was spiked.  A Murdoch manger, David Boylan, was sent from Fox to handle the flap.  The local WTVT reporters told Boylan that their valid news story was being stifled.  The London Observer wrote:

"Boylan's reply broke with all the traditions of the Murdoch empire. In a moment of insane candour, he told an unvarnished truth which should be framed and stuck on the top of every television set: 'We paid $3 billion for these television stations,' he snapped. 'We'll decide what the news is. NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS.'"

Digger Still Plays Dirty, London Observer, July 5, 1998,

So that's Murdoch's, and Fox's, interest in the truth.  They own the TV stations.  The truth is what they say it is.  And Rivero serves up what they say, no questions asked.

    The Useful Israeli Spy Story

Society can be viewed as something akin to a pressure cooker.  Steam builds up inside.  Too much steam can blow the lid off.  So it is necessary to create vents which allow a certain amount of steam to escape harmlessly. 

Anger with Israel -- anti-Israeli steam -- has built up tremendously in the US and throughout the world since 9-11.  A device was need to allow some of this steam to escape harmlessly, lest the pressure continue to build and the lid blow off.

A fabricated or embroidered Israeli spy story would vent some of that steam: news consumers would feel that some retribution had been exacted against Israel by the arrests. 

   Why Focus On Small Stuff?

Let's look at the Israeli spy scandal story from another angle.  If the FBI is motivated by honesty and patriotism, and Fox News is filled with truth seeking Clark Kent types, why are they focusing on the small stuff?

Why aren't they -- the FBI and Fox News, etc.  -- arresting and reporting on the two treasonous generals, Gens. Myers and Eberhart?  Those two were either in on the planning and execution of 9-11 or knew about it and looked the other way.  There is plenty of evidence of the Myers-Eberhart treason:


The Myers-Eberhart treason and the news that 9-11 was a inside job is a story -- those are the stories of a century.  And much of the evidence is out on the table already.  The FBI and Fox scarcely have to scratch the surface to hit the jackpot.  Yet they don't do it.  Like Fox and the FBI, Rivero would rather beat the drum for the spy story.  

Keep it superficial.  Don't dig deep when questioning the Official Truth of four 9-11 suicide jets.   Don't notice the gross anomalies and try to put it together.  Believe the Official Story.  Just keep your eye on that bogus-looking wreckage and the scoop that Rupert Murdoch is serving up. 

No, the FBI-Fox-Rivero-et.al. spy story is the distraction.  The real scoop is that 9-11 was an inside job and the cover story
IS FALLING PART AT THE SEAMS.  See, for example, the publication of Snake Plissken's The Flight of the Bumble Planes. < http://www.holocausts.org/911/bumble.html > and many of the other fine exposes all over the Internet.  (NO.  I am not talking about the French site, which I do NOT recommend, and never have.)

But back to the Israelis.  I don't entirely discount the possibility that the FBI is arresting Israelis.  But if it is true, those ordering the arrests are likely members of an opposing Zionist cabal.  The "spy story" may actually be a little civil war here at home among the Jews.

Rivero And Israel

Rivero's March 15 e-mail infers that I am distracting attention from the spy scandal, and thus helping Israel.  OK.  I am willing to compare and contrast what Rivero and I say about Israel and let you come to your own conclusions.

The founding myth of the state of Israel -- the rock upon which the political support of the state of Israel rests -- is the myth of "THE" holocaust:  The lie that Hitler and the German High Command had a program to exterminate the Jews and did so by placing them in homicidal gas chambers specifically designed for that purpose. 

Read about "THE" holocaust in Roger Garaudy's "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics" at:

Mike Rivero, not Carol Valentine, forwards and supports the Holocaust Myth.  Mike Rivero, not Carol Valentine, is a member of the Church of the Holy Holocaust.  You can check it out by searching for Mike's postings in the Google Usenet archives. 

Case in point:  Mike, using the e-mail address (rivero@accessone.com), wrote the following on 1996/10/06.  The message appeared in the thread "Re: PICTURES.  Re.  Challenge to Foster suicide believers, " and was posted to alt.politics.usa.republican, alt.politics.clinton, alt.current events.clinton.whitewater, alt.conspiracy.  Rivero says in part:

" . . .  Now, how Paul Henry can view my hunting a murderer as Sedition just boggles the imagination.   Likewise, Hanson has tried to imply I'm a Holocaust Denier. I'm not sure where he gets such an idea. But I'ld like to comment on an aspect of the Holocaust which is germaine to the present situation.   When I was growing up, and learning about the Holocaust in school, my anger was not only for the Nazi officers who could be so inhuman and unjust, but for the ordinary German citizens who just stood by and let it happen.   Whether it was the subourning of the press, the destruction of the German Republic, the racism, Krystalnacht, or the death camps, it all happened because those ordinary citizens did not take any action to stop it.   The Nazi regime was the official government. They were the "Authorities".  But were they morally right in the crimes they committed? No. Were the German people right to allow such crimes to occur, just because those crimes were committed by the legitimate government? No, they weren't. The Neuremburg Defense isn't a defense, it's just an excuse.   How this applies here should be obvious.   That there is a serious problem with the official explanation of Vincent Foster's death . . . "

Then on 1998/05/14, Michael Rivero (rivero@accessone.com), submitted a posting to the thread entitled "Re: Foster:  Magical Evidence (Update)" to the following newsgroups:  talk.politics.misc, alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater, talk.politics.libertarian, alt.conspiracy, alt.politics.clinton, alt.society.liberalism, alt.activism, alt.politics.democrats.d, alt.politics.republicans.  Speaking of the Foster cover-up, Rivero said in part:

" . .  once the facts are studied, it becomes obvious that a massive cover-up, just as massive as the one in the Dreyfuss affair, or as massive as the one that concealed the holocaust from the German people, is in place."

I saw his remarks, and replied to them on 1998/05/18 (Re: Foster : Magical Evidence (Update)), saying in part:

"BTW, Mike, you brought up the subject of the German Holocaust.  I've been reading some interesting material lately concerning that issue.   There is reason to question the popular conception of the German Holocaust.   For example, British historian David Irving ('Hitler's War,' Viking Press, 1977) spent ten years researching Hitler's papers, and the papers of the German High Command.  None of these papers referred to an organized top to bottom extermination program for European Jews. 'We are not familiar, neither the academic nor the professional historians are familiar with the slightest documentary evidence that there was any such German policy,' says Irving.  'All Hitler's other crimes are documented in statistical details in the archives.  This is supposed to have been the biggest crime of all and yet the documents just aren't there.'"

Later in the thread,  Mike, who brought the subject of "The Holocaust" up himself, would go on to claim that "shills" had hijacked the threat to divert attention from the Foster case.  (1998/06/04, Re: Foster : Magical Evidence (Update).  In other words, it's OK to bring up "THE" Holocaust on a Vince Foster thread, just as long as you mouth the Israeli Official Truth.   

On the other hand, If you go to < http://www.holocausts.org > you will find links to sites that examine "THE" holocaust openly, such as:

http://www.cwporter.com /
http://www.vho.org /
http://pubweb.acns.nwu.edu/~abutz /
http://www.codoh.com /
http://www.ihr.org /
http://zundelsite.org /

So who is more likely to be serving Israel: Mike Rivero or Carol Valentine?

Ironically, Rivero, in his <whatreallyhappened.com>, mimics David Irving -- the man I quoted to Rivero in 1998 -- in several respects. 

David Irving penned this witticism: "The truth is hate to those who hate the truth."  Now Rivero has paraphrased Irving's witticism thus: "The truth is 'hate speech' only to those who have something to hide." It's a lame imitation, true, but even then Rivero denies David Irving any acknowledgment. You can read the Rivero imitation on his webpage.

Mr. Irving called his web page "The Campaign for Real History," or, as now, "The International Campaign for Real History. " < http://www.fpp.co.uk / > And the message you get when you dial into Rivero's page is hauntingly familiar: "The history the government hopes you don't learn." < http://www.whatreallyhappend.com >  Meet Mike Rivero, the David Irving mockingbird. 

Now back to the original subject: Maybe you can get Rivero to tell you about the mysterious "other sources" that show Operation Northwoods to be authentic, and authentically American.  Or will you too be accused of distracting attention from the "Israeli spy scandal"?

Other 911 Lies exposed at: http://www.holocausts.org