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The American Coup d'Etat: The Lies of September 11, 2001

"What's needed is a unified, unifying, Pearl Harbor sort of purple American fury
— a ruthless indignation that doesn't leak away in a week or two."
Lance Morrow, Time Magazine, "September 11, 2001", inside back cover (cached).

"Four planes?  That many [19] people willing to die for the same cause at the same time? 
If any writer had turned in a story like this, the publisher would have just handed it back and said,  'No way.  Not believable.'"   — Novelist Tom Clancy, author of two bestsellers about a pilot who deliberately flies a fuel-laden jet into the Capitol and kills the President and Congressional leaders.  See Tom Clancy Speaks About 9-11, below.

The 9/11 Timeline , September 7, 2022

This summary and paraphrase of the Memorial web page is presented as an introduction to the events of September 11, 2001 for those of us too old or too young to remember.

Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS
— by Carol A. Valentine, October 6, 2001

There were no "suicide" pilots on those September 11 jets.  The planes were controlled by advanced robotics and remote control technology, not hijackers.

"Amid crashes and hype, military shows off latest robot plane"
Associated Press, July 11, 2002

"... military officials remain bullish on unmanned air vehicles, or UAVs."

Did NORAD Send The "Suicide" Jets?

Part 1:  Inside Job
by Carol A. Valentine, February 12, 2002

Charged with keeping American skies safe, NORAD didn't show up on September 11, leaving the remote controlled jets to do their work.  Coincidentally, NORAD is one of the world's experts on remote controlled aircraft.  NORAD had the means and the opportunity for making 9-11 happen.  Discussion of radar anomalies.

Part 2:  The Dumb Blondes
by Carol A. Valentine, February 25, 2002

NORAD claims it sent defensive jets aloft on 9-11, but America's top generals give contradictory accounts before the Senate.  They act like dumb blondes — they can scarcely remember which plane hit which target.  NORAD blames the FAA for the catastrophe, but the Senate doesn't bother calling the FAA.  More radar anomalies.

Tooth Fairies and Suicide Bombers
by Carol A. Valentine, May 9, 2002

Why would vengeful Palestinians blow themselves up? Why not just leave the package, walk away, and strike again next week?  Funny how the Israelis identify the bombers immediately, and distribute nice color portrait shots of the culprits immediately.  Funny, the IRA didn't use suicide bombers.

Flight Of The Bumble Planes
—by Snake Plissken, as told to Carol A. Valentine, March 10, 2002

Snake Plissken tells us how remote controlled planes and radar trickery were used to pull off Operation 9-11.  "Magic is the pretended performance of those things which cannot be done."  By George, I think he's got it!

Listen to the Bumble Planes Here

FAA: 11 Other Suspect Planes In The Air On September 11th
ABC Eyewitness News, August 12, 2002

"In the tense minutes after two hijacked jetliners smashed into New York's World Trade Center and another hit the Pentagon, air traffic controllers had as many as 11 other suspect aircraft on their screens, federal aviation officials said Monday."

In-flight cell phones worked great in test
USAToday, July 19, 2004

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks states that on September 11, 2001, passengers called relatives on Airphones and cell-phones.  But on July 19, 2004, USAToday announced that cell phone service for airline passengers is still being developed and may be may be available for the first time within two years.  That is, on 9-11, cell phone service for airline passengers did not exist, despite what the Commission reported and despite the many media reports.

When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing (cached)
The Washington Post , February 1, 1999

What about the cell phone calls to relatives?  The Special Operations Command gives us the answer to that question — they boast of their ability to synthesize voices.

Pentagon: Rumsfeld misspoke on Flight 93 crash (cached)
—, December 27, 2004

On Christmas Eve, 2004, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told US troops in Bagdad that Flight 93, which allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania on 911 after being hijacked by Muslims, was shot down. Rumsfeld clearly implies Muslims shot down the plane, though he doesn't say how.  The Washington Times, December 27, 2004

Operation Pearl (cached)
Alexander Keewatin Dewdney, September 2003

A Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario performed an analysis of the Snake Plissken's Bumble Planes theory and found it to be plausible, probable, and practical:

"It is possible to produce the appearance of a terrorist attack on the United States by means that do not employ terrorists, as such, but by the simple substitution of one aircraft for another, particularly when the transponders of the aircraft involved are turned off. The only people who need to be deceived by such an operation are the radar operators at air traffic control (ATC) centers.

"The scenario explored here, called Operation Pearl (after Pearl Harbor), has been described in sufficient operational detail that sound judgments can be made about a) feasibility and b) consistency with evidence on the ground. At the time of this writing it is probably the best available description of what probably took place on September 11, 2001.

"Under the Operation Pearl scenario, the passengers of all four flights died in an aerial explosion over Shanksville, PA and the remaining three airliners are at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean."

Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!
by J. McMichael , October 23, 2001

Using jet fuel to melt steel is an amazing discovery, really.  It is also amazing that until now, no one had been able to get it to work, and that proves the terrorists were not stupid people.

Pentagon RESCUE?  Open, Bloody Questions…
by Carol A. Valentine

Parts I through IV
by Carol A. Valentine, June 23, 2002

On 9-11, the most important mission was to extinguish the fire and rescue the victims.  So why did they spray water on an aviation fuel fire?  Instead of lifting the debris off the victims, why did they use a wrecking ball to collapse the ruins on top of them?  Your journey begins here ....

Part V:  The Seven Minute Fire
by Carol A. Valentine, August 18, 2002

After the publication of "Pentagon RESCUE? Open, Bloody Questions…", the Ministry of Truth publicized a little-known article claiming foam was used on 9-11, and that the "bulk" of the fire was extinguished in seven minutes!  Then what did we all watch on TV, burning for days after?

Pentagon Cadavers Meet The "Bone Guys"
by Carol A. Valentine, June 20, 2002

The two Smithsonian forensic anthropologists who helped cook up the fraudulent Davidian autopsy reports were called in to work on the Pentagon 9-11 cadavers.  That should raise eyebrows.  Drs. Ubelaker and Owsley specialize in making politically dictated pronouncements on high profile deaths.

Operation Northwoods: The Counterfeit
—by Carol A. Valentine, January 24, 2002

Operation Northwoods was an alleged 1962 Pentagon plan to commit terrorist acts and blame them on Cuba to provide a pretext for war.  Revealed in May, 2001, Northwoods conveniently pointed the finger of suspicion at the Pentagon after 9-11.  However, Operation Northwoods was not written by Americans.  The document is a counterfeit.  Who really wrote it?

Taliban Home Video
—by Carol A. Valentine, October 15, 2001

If the US and its pals could fake such a video — and they're easy to fake, either with morphing or stand-in impersonators — why wouldn't they?  And they did.

—by Carol A. Valentine, October 17, 2001

Osama bin Laden as quoted on September 28, 2001: "I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act.  Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people.  Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle."

Osama bin Surplus
—by Carol A. Valentine, October 28, 2001

Did Winston Churchill wear a swastika while giving speeches during World War II?  In war time, symbolism is of paramount importance.  No national wartime leader would be caught wearing the regalia of the enemy.

Osama bin CIA Agent
—by Carol A. Valentine, November 1, 2001

Osama met with the CIA in July.  Sure.  If he did, why are they telling us about it?  Answer: Because they want us to know.  Question:  Why would they want us to "know"?  Answer:  Because it serves their purposes. 

Osamarina bin Laden

Try this on for size.  If they show you a picture, it must be true, right?

GUEST: The Scarlet A: Links between the Anthrax Attacks and 9/11 (cached)
by Barbara Honegger, September 25, 2008

The author served as Senior Military Affairs Journalist, White House Policy Analyst, and Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President in the first Reagan Administration.  Ms. Honegger is the author of the 9/11 exposé, The Pentagon Attack Papers, and October Surprise (Tudor, 1989), the first book to reveal the true origins of the Iran side of the Iran/Contra scandal.

"By insisting that Bruce Ivins, a biowarfare scientist then with the Army's Ft. Detrick laboratory, was behind the anthrax attacks, the Bush Administration has officially acknowledged that those attacks were perpetrated by a U.S. Government insider — and not by bin Laden or by Iraq."

GUEST: "I Don't Want To Learn How To Land The Plane, Just How To Steer!"
by Jim Condit, Jr., July 20, 2002

Mr. Condit takes apart one of the dumbest 9-11 hijacker lies, and makes some thought provoking comments on the lessons we might learn from Queen Isabella of Spain.

Tom Clancy Speaks About 9-11
by Carol A. Valentine, March 13, 2002

Tom Clancy is the author of two thrillers about a pilot who deliberately flies a fuel-laden jet into the Capitol building in Washington, DC.  Even Clancy can't believe the 9-11 scenario.  See above quote.

Firemen's Half-Baked Assault On Cover-Up
by Carol A. Valentine, January 7, 2002

The magazine Fire Engineering is calling upon Sen. Charles ("Burn 'Em Alive") Schumer to support a REAL investigation of 9-11.  Schumer did everything in his power to help the US get away with the torture, mutilation, and murder of the Davidian moms and kids.  Fire Engineering makes a lame effort to get at the truth.

911 Lawsuit Is A Booby Trap
by Carol A. Valentine, March 3, 2004

Mrs. Ellen Mariani, a 911 widow, has filed a RICO suit against George W. Bush et al. to discover the truth about 911.  But her lawyer, Philip J. Berg, has written a complaint that protects the real culprits. It is littered with gross errors and malpractice.  Berg is a suicide bus driver taking Ellen Mariani's quest for truth on a one-way trip to oblivion.